Using Zoom for Wealth Management

Using Zoom for Wealth Management

467341437Given the financial crisis, almost anything to do with money has gotten more competitive. This also applies to wealth management, where investors trust their managers to make the right calls. The rules of the game are changing, and the pace at which technology is moving forward isn’t making it any easier to play. In today’s market, if you’re less equipped in the tech department, you might have ruined your chances at a few of the big fish in the pond (or across the pond, but we’ll get to that later).

We get it. The market is pushing demands that are difficult to meet. That’s happening everywhere, from McDonald’s to Disney World to the corner shop. But there’s one thing you still have to focus on: communication.

The way you communicate with your clients says a lot about you. It’s the pomp and circumstance they’re looking for. And if you don’t present yourself the way that your clients feel they deserve, you’re telling them that they don’t really deserve that much. Nothing ruins a consultation like a client that doesn’t feel like he’s getting the verbal foot massage he’s hoping for. This, our money managing friend, is why you need Zoom. Here’s why:

153871472Zoom Makes Your Clients Trust You More

You can’t just expect a prospect to walk into your office with a wheelbarrow full of cash, dump it on your desk, and say “Do with it what you will!” without that person trusting you, right? Aside from a couple of extremely gullible people, almost everyone who walks into your office will look upon you with a certain level of scrutiny. You can minimize that scrutiny by communicating appropriately. Starting with requiring your client to come all the way to your big-wig office might not exactly be the answer to this.

Today’s big investors are always on the run. They’re riding trains, taking planes, and going to Germany because they heard it has really good schnitzel. There’s nothing more welcoming to a perpetually busy person than an invitation to a Zoom meeting. With Zoom, you’ll be able to talk to your clients no matter where they are.

Zoom Gets You Into Conversations Faster

Well, if you’re going to meet with your clients and prospects, you can just use any online meeting software, right?

Yes, technically you can. You can also pay for your soda using change you found on the floor near the vending machine. However, finding the perfect online meeting platform isn’t like looking for change on the floor. Every software is unique, but ours is “unique-er.”

While a quarter is a quarter no matter where you find it, the difference between Zoom and the second best solution is comparable to the difference between a well-prepared croque monsieur and an over-toasted grilled cheese sandwich (without the cheese).

Zoom has a “don’t mess with the participant” philosophy, which means that we have put most of our time and effort into making software that’s so easy to use, you don’t even have to be literate to learn the ropes. Once your clients click on your invitation link, Zoom will automatically download and install its lightweight app on their computer, then initiate the software. There are no accounts for your participants, no nightmarish clickathons (you know, those installations where you click “Next” a million times then accidentally install spyware), and no burnt sandwiches.

Zoom is high-octane, snappy, and extremely feature-packed. Once your clients get a glimpse of this, they’ll want to meet with you for fun.

479556581Instantly Gain Access To Overseas Markets

Surely, someone in Germany, Russia, or France could use your services. Why aren’t you talking to people over there? Perhaps because nothing says, “You’re never going to see my face, ever” like an email.

If you want access to the global market, you’re going to have to think about talking to people through video. Here’s an idea: Provided you speak the language or can employ a great translator, get a subdomain to your website (you have one, right?) and translate the whole thing into that language. Then, run online ads, in that language, targeting speakers of that language.

Once this is done, you’ve just tapped into a new market. If you live in a country where the client pool is tiny (e.g. the population is small, or the country isn’t exactly full of people with a decent bank account), Zoom will light the way for new prospects. You can finally chat with people way outside your immediate area.

With our software, you don’t have to live in Times Square to score some good portfolios. It’s sufficient to have a computer, a webcam, and the drive to hop into another market.

Most Importantly, Your Clients Are Actually Asking For It

Boston Consulting Group, the world’s biggest business strategy adviser, recently released a report in which it stated that between 40 and 60 percent of all wealth management clients want to contact you via video. Gee, what could solve that little issue?

Think about it. Half of your entire potential and current client base wants you to get on video. That’s saying something, isn’t it?

Butterflies in your stomach? That’s your body telling you to start using Zoom now. To cure this symptom, sign up and start hosting a meeting today. It’s free!

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