Webinar Leadership: InFlow Analysis Market Compass Results

Webinar Leadership: InFlow Analysis Market Compass Results

More good, make that great news, just keeps on coming! Last week we wrote about being named to Forbes first-ever Cloud 100 List, and today we are excited to report that we’ve received a very competitive placement within the InFlow Analysis Market Compass for Webinar Providers 2016 research report.

What is InFlow Analysis?

InFlow Analysis provides consulting services around developing strategies for integrating technology into business processes. They help with the application of technology to address business problems and strategies for adoption.

David Mario Smith is Founder and Principal at Inflow Analysis. Mr. Smith is a Gartner veteran of over 16 years, and an IT industry professional with 20 years of experience in the collaboration and workplace technology markets, having helped thousands of enterprises with their collaboration and workplace strategies. Mr. Smith’s career spans from being a senior analyst at Gartner to Research Director and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research.

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InFlow Analysis Market Compass Evaluation for Webinar

The result? Zoom placed as one of the “Leaders”! An interesting distinction to call-out here is the relative age of the competition — Zoom officially incorporated just a couple years ago, in 2011 (despite our more than 900-years of combined experience in real-time collaboration engineering). Compare this with the many legacy providers within this analysis, each with decades of time in-market. That’s a lot of movement in a short time. Just sayin 🙂

“I’ve been receiving numerous vendor inquiries for Zoom from large global organizations.” – David Smith

Source: InFlow Analysis (2016)


“Zoom has been one of the key providers playing the role of market accelerator, while emerging as a Leader in the Webinar market. Zoom has been the disruptor in several markets, including video conferencing and online collaborative meetings. Zoom’s Video Webinars offering allows event planners to scale webinars for thousands of attendees. It supports 50 interactive video participants that can be appropriated as panels or panelists during the webinar event that can be scaled up to 10,000 attendees. It supports registration for event producers with reporting and analytics.” – David Smith

Learn more about Zoom Video Webinar and/or schedule some time with us (at your convenience) for a live demo — we’d love to show you how we are leading the market!

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