Webinar Recap – Ask Me Anything with Eric Yuan & Zoom Leadership: Nov. 18

Webinar Recap – Ask Me Anything with Eric Yuan & Zoom Leadership: Nov. 18

In this month’s “Ask Me Anything” webinar hosted by Zoom CEO, Eric S. Yuan, we provided an update on our progress since our last executive webinar on Oct. 21. Eric was joined on the webinar by Oded Gal, our Chief Product Officer; Janelle Raney, Head of Product Marketing; Lynn Haaland, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer; Brendan Ittelson, Chief Technology Officer; and Rod Schultz, Head of Product Security and Privacy. 

Recent product updates

Oded reviewed some recent security updates, including the Suspend Participant Activity feature, our simplified abuse reporting, and the At Risk Meeting Notifier. Read our recent blog to learn more. Some other recent product updates:

  • Improved user security – Users will receive confirmation emails after certain actions are performed, including password changes, phone number updates, and host key changes. We also enhanced the audit logs for meeting recordings, which will now show if recordings were downloaded using an API access token or webhook payload token.
  • Enhanced screen sharing – Users can now select multiple desktop programs at once for sharing, instead of sharing their entire desktop, and other programs and unoccupied areas in the desktop will not be visible to viewers.

Additional features on our roadmap: 

  • Co-hosts will be able to manage Breakout Rooms 
  • Additional admin verification before deleting a Zoom account
  • Ability to set minimum client versions 
  • Ability for host to limit meeting participants to a specified set of countries or regions
  • Ability to customize disclaimers that appear when starting or joining a meeting

Zoom Rooms enhancements

Oded shared a number of enhancements to Zoom Rooms, including the ability to assign a Zoom Room to a breakout group, the ability to customize video layouts and see up to 49 videos in Gallery View, support for multiple pages on our Whiteboard feature, and the beta release of the Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode. Read our blog to learn more.

Gartner names Zoom a leader in 2020 Magic Quadrants

Eric announced that Gartner has named Zoom a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions for the fifth consecutive year. Gartner also named Zoom as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), marking the first year that Zoom has qualified for inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS. 

Introducing Rod Schultz, Head of Product Security and Privacy

Eric introduced Rod Schultz, our new Head of Product Security and Privacy. Rod has over two decades of experience designing protocols and security frameworks to protect data and content at companies like Apple, Adobe, and Cisco. 

HIPAA Enhancements and a New Certification

Lynn shared some updates to our HIPAA-compliant platform, including the availability of cloud recordings for clinical applications and Zoom Phone under Zoom’s updated Business Associate Agreement (BAA), as well as an enhanced Zoom Chat, where healthcare customers can now generate chat logs. Read more in our blog

Lynn also announced that Zoom recently received the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials certification, demonstrating that our platform meets all of the requirements and technical controls to provide safe and secure unified communications under the Cyber Essentials certification.


What are the next steps for the development of Zoom’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE)?

We are currently working on Phase 2 of our E2EE development, which involves rolling out better identity management and E2EE SSO integration. We plan to release those features next year. 

Is there a way to prevent audiences from taking screenshots during meetings?

Zoom has a watermark feature. When enabled this superimposes an image consisting of a portion of a meeting participant’s own email address onto the shared content they are viewing, allowing admins to easily identify users that leaked screenshots. 

How can I get a better frame rate during screenshare?

Users can enjoy a higher quality screen sharing experience by selecting the Optimize Share for Full-screen Video Clip option.  

How does Zoom educate customers about efforts to bolster security and privacy?

We offer multiple information resources to our customers to educate them about our security and privacy efforts, including weekly webinars, our blog, and our support page.  

Will Breakout Rooms be added to Zoom Video Webinars?

Yes, we plan to add Breakout Rooms to Zoom Video Webinars, allowing attendees to network and connect in smaller interactive groups within the webinar session. Read our blog to learn more. 

What’s the best way to document meetings for clients in the HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom?

With new enhanced features for Zoom for Healthcare, meeting hosts can now record and store their HIPAA-compliant meetings. To access these new features, please contact Zoom to execute a new BAA. 

Is there an option to mute/unmute participants without giving them the ability to unmute themselves? 

For better control over who is allowed to speak, we suggest using Zoom Video Webinars, which disables attendees’ ability to share their audio and video until explicitly allowed by the host. 

Can hosts move video boxes to where they want on their screen?

In Gallery View, hosts can drag and drop participants’ video images and position them wherever they want. Once the video layout has been changed, it will stay locked to prevent the view from changing when another participant joins the meeting.

What online payment tools does Zoom integrate with?

There are a number of online payment tools that Zoom integrates with. Our OnZoom platform allows meeting hosts to easily monetize their meetings. You can also leverage our PayPal integration as well. 

Thank You!

Thanks for attending this month’s session, and thank you to everyone who submitted questions! We truly appreciate your support on our journey to make Zoom the world’s most secure and frictionless enterprise communications platform.

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