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Webinar Recording: Improve Your Virtual Presentation Skills

Webinar Recording: Improve Your Virtual Presentation Skills

Last week we hosted a webinar with Matt Abrahams, professor of virtual communications at Stanford University and co-founder of Bold Echo. In this webinar, Matt provided numerous tips on improving your virtual presentation skills. Some of his top tips:

  1. Prepare! Do reconnaissance on your audience so you know who they are and what they care about. As you build the content, include topics that are meaningful to them and work on building engagement triggers into the content.
  2. Leverage tools in Zoom to build engagement such as screen sharing, annotation, polling, Q/A, chat, attention indicator, hand raise, video breakout sessions, and more. Have your audience “Think, Pair, Share” – give them something to think about, have them pair up in breakouts to discuss the topic, and then have them rejoin the main meeting to share back with the whole group.
  3. Use language carefully. For example, use engaging words like “you,” “us,” “we,” and audience member names. Start sentences with “Imagine…” or “What if…” to get your audience members thinking.

For more of Matt’s tips, check out the full webinar:

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