2.5 Feature Spotlight: Whiteboarding

2.5 Feature Spotlight: Whiteboarding

It’s about time! Your favorite cloud meeting software has refined its mobile collaboration chops to introduce what will become one of your most favorite features of its iOS version. Zoom presents, in Version 2.5, a whiteboarding feature that iPad users will be able to take full advantage of. If you don’t know what that is, don’t fret! We’ll explain it all to you in a jiffy.

Zoom - tablet whiteboarding

What is Whiteboarding?

Whiteboarding, in essence, enables the meeting host to draw on an empty canvas. It uses the same concept as screen sharing, except that you’re sharing a blank drawable surface of your iPad rather than graphical content from your photo album or the cloud.

Who Can Use Whiteboarding?

So, you have an empty canvas, a bastion of collaboration, at your fingertips. What do you do now? What use can you put it to? We are always amazed at the creative uses our customers find for Zoom’s features. That said, we’ve thought of a few ways that whiteboarding could really further collaboration in some fields.


Whether you’re teaching second graders how to write in cursive or giving a lecture at a medical school, whiteboarding finds a practical use in all aspects of education. It allows professors to express themselves in the same way they would through a real whiteboard, without all the nasty marker fumes and ink stains.

You don’t have to be at a remote location to use Zoom’s whiteboarding feature. If you’re in the classroom with your students, you can hook up a laptop to a projector, connect it via Zoom to your iPad, and then open up the whiteboard. Record the entire meeting (audio and video) to make sure that students who couldn’t make it to the class can still see everything presented. If you have distance learners, connect them live to your whiteboard!

Zoom’s whiteboard also allows you to annotate over an existing document or website. This adds a new dimension to remote learning environments, and could greatly enhance how you interact with your students. You can change teaching content at any time you wish.

Therapy With Non-Verbal Patients

Therapy involves getting into the minds of people who aren’t always comfortable meeting with a therapist, or expressing themselves verbally. Patients with autism spectrum disorders are a prime example. To effectively provide individual or group therapy to these patients, a therapist needs a medium by which non-verbal patients can still express themselves and interact in a manner that makes the process of peering into their minds simpler.

What could be better for this purpose than a whiteboard? As remote therapy gains traction among both therapists and patients, it’s inevitable that these therapists will need versatile software to effectively perform their jobs. This is where Zoom’s whiteboard steps in and provides a way for patients to draw what they’re thinking about.

zoom - whiteboarding blueprint

Engineering and Architecture

There’s a rule in engineering: the fewer moving parts, the better. Think of how many people are walking around from office to office, exchanging designs and layouts, and moving their pens on paper when drafting up a concept for the next car or the next kitchen appliance. Those are a lot of moving parts! Perhaps the field of engineering could be engineered to eliminate all those moving parts, and perhaps the solution to that problem is the use of a digital whiteboard!

With their tablets, engineers can now connect via Zoom, sit down, and brainstorm on an open canvas with one another. Nothing spells “collaboration” better than this kind of setup!

Architects can also benefit from this, as they discuss with their clients about the structure and design of their projects. Teams of architects will perhaps see the most benefit in this aspect, as exchanges of email attachments, blueprints, and iterated revisions will no longer impede productivity.

Board Meetings

Zoom - whiteboarding in action

Have you ever been in that situation when, during a board meeting, you are trying to present your idea but nobody seems to understand you? It is in those times that one of the best solutions to the issue would be to have a drawing board with which you can really show the concept in a way that allows other meeting participants to get a clear picture (literally) of what you’re trying to present. We’re not just talking about product concepts. It could be anything, from an idea for the next line of hair gel to an accounting concept that could secure the financial future of the company.

Zoom’s whiteboard allows you to enhance your board meetings in a way that makes room for complete and immersive collaboration.

Want to Save Your Whiteboard?

On your iPad, press and hold the home and lock buttons at the same time button. This will take a screenshot of your whiteboard and save it to your photos.

Start Up Your Whiteboard Today!

Existing Zoom customers can upgrade now at no additional cost to start using the Zoom whiteboard on iPad. Don’t have a Zoom account? Sign up and get free cloud meetings today!

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