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Give a Video Presentation That Won’t Put Everyone to Sleep
February 25, 2013 by Zoom

Plan ahead:

  • Send handouts ahead of time. This helps your audience take notes and stay engaged with the presentation.
  • Interact! Particularly on video, it is important to keep your audience involved. Reduce content to make time interact, particularly with remote audiences.
  • Put some fun and relevant quotes, cartoons or videos (a clip from The Office, a newscast from YouTube) into you presentation to keep it interesting.
  • Use a horizontal format (instead of a vertical format) for your slides.
  • Know that TV displays have lower image resolutions than your computer. Avoid small images, small print and overloading your slides with text.
  • Practice projecting your voice and speaking at a measured pace.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early so that you have time to set up and troubleshoot any last minute problems.

During The Presentation:

  • Start with an overview of the content to orient your audience. Also tell them the structure of your presentation (ie: hold questions for the end, ask questions any time).
  • Interact with the in-person and remote audiences – solicit their input with open-ended questions.  When you ask questions, be sure to allow a couple seconds for your remote audience members to unmute.
  • Stay in the range of the camera and don’t make erratic movements.
  • Enunciate and project your voice. And look right at the camera! If you avoid the camera, it is like you’re avoiding eye contact with the remote audience members.

Share your tips for a successful presentation!