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A Visit to Chicago’s ABA TechShow
April 4, 2013 by Zoom

Nick Chong, our Head of Product Marketing, just returned from the American Bar Association TechShow in Chicago, where legal professionals learn about useful technologies for their firms. Nick was pleasantly surprised by the 60 degree weather in Chicago – maybe Chicago gets an unfair rap from us Californians!

Zoom at the ABA TechShow

Zoom at the ABA TechShow

He also said that since the ABA is a new audience for Zoom, it was interesting for learn about the collaboration and communication needs of the legal community. Video conferencing is becoming more common in law firms and corporate legal departments.

We’ve learned that quality of video is very important to this industry – lawyers need to see the sweat on their client’s brow, or the minute, momentary changes to their facial expression that reveal what they really think.

Security is also an important concern. Lawyers are worried about confidentiality when hosting video meetings. They need a tool like Zoom’s Meeting Connector, wherein all meeting traffic goes through their own in-house servers. Lawyers also want to be able to screen share documents and other visual aids with their meeting, and record their meetings.