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Thank a teacher!
May 7, 2013 by Zoom

If you can read this blog, thank a teacher! Today is National Teacher Day. We at Zoom would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers in education for your patronage and for all you do to educate our future leaders.


We got some fun ideas and activities for celebrating National Teacher Day from the National Education Association. Here are some of our favorite suggestions (that will also work last minute!):

  • Run thank you messages on electronic signs, billboards, banners or signs outside your storefront.
  • Offer teachers discounts on purchases made today.
  • Give teachers candy, apples or other food gifts with notes attached (e.g., fortune cookies with a note about how fortunate the school is to have a teacher of such high caliber).
  • Provide balloon bouquets and flowers for the teachers’ lounge.