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Zoom Reaches 1 Million Participants!
May 21, 2013 by Blast Media

Here at Zoom, we’re excited to announce we have reached more than 1 million participants worldwide! Since 2011, we have focused on transforming real-time collaboration experiences in an effort to increase the quality and effectiveness of cross-platform communication. Now, over 3,500 business and education institutions have chosen to use our HD video and mobile screen-sharing communication solution. 

Why Zoom Unified Meetings? 

Why are more professionals and organizations choosing Zoom for their online meetings everyday? Two Zoom participants share their stories:

“Businesses like us are looking for ways to improve and simplify our video communications and empower everyone to communicate with clients more effectively. Zoom is a game changing technology, backed by the security and reliability of a cloud-based service, taking video conferencing to the next level,” says Browning Marean, Senior Counsel of DLA Piper.

Will Barrett, Senior Operations Officer of Bank of Tennessee shares his own experience with using Zoom, “Everyone that touches Zoom loves it, as it has the perfect balance between features and ease-of-use. Being able to tie together our conference rooms and mobile devices with HD video conferencing and screen sharing using an intuitive user interface is both incredibly powerful and fun!”

Since the 1.0 release in February this year, we have connected more than 400,000 meetings and 3,500 businesses, in over 2,500 cities worldwide. But we’re not stopping now. Are you missing out because you haven’t tried Zoom yet? Sign up for a free trial today!