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New Case Study: University of Northern Iowa Zooms
June 7, 2013 by Blast Media

UNI LogoWe know that Zoom is used for lectures and teacher-student meetings in universities, but we had no idea how many other ways schools can use collaboration tools like Zoom.

The University of Iowa Jacobson Center for Comprehensive Literacy faculty use Zoom to work with teachers around the state to improve elementary school literacy levels in Iowa. In addition, Mitchell Gansemer, a UNI student, uses Zoom for class projects that build websites for small companies.

These stories remind us that some schools, like the University of Northern Iowa, are reaching out beyond the university walls to educate and to help others. We at Zoom are so proud to be a part of these efforts!

Check out our newest case study: How One University is Using Video Conferencing in its Quest to Enhance Grade School Literacy about the University of Northern Iowa.

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