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ATM Provider Builds Employee Relationships Through Video
June 13, 2013 by Blast Media
Kendall Cain

Kendall Cain, IT Manager at FCTI

Check out our latest case study: Leading ATM Provider Builds Employee Relationships Through Video.

This case focuses on FCTI, a leading ATM network and service provider. FCTI has offices in LA and Las Vegas, collaborates with contractors in Mexico, and communicates with its parent company in Japan. Needless to say, Kendall Cain, their IT Manager, was looking for a new technology to help employees connect and collaborate. 

Unlike Kendall’s experiences at other workplaces, FCTI’s use of Zoom’s video conferencing solution means “Everybody knows everybody. Everybody talks like they’re friends. Our relationships with the people in remote offices are the same as with people in our LA office.”

With Zoom, FCTI overcame long distances to become a more connected and stronger company.

Key Lessons from the Case

  • Companies that have offices in different locations can have trouble with communication. Employees appear apathetic towards those in other offices and the collaborative spirit declines.
  • Stronger employee relationships enhance productivity and build employee satisfaction.
  • A company must have an effective communication system for stronger employee relations.

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