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Zoom Video Available to All KSU Students & Faculty
June 20, 2013 by Blast Media

We are excited to share that Zoom video conferencing is now available for all Kansas State University students, faculty and staff to use! The partnership between K-State and Zoom allows for up to 10,000 simultaneous meetings with up to 25 participants in each meeting.

Examples of How Students are Using Zoom

  • Having quick and easy group meetings when time and/or weather do not permit an in-person meeting
  • Meeting with instructors and professors
  • Using the recording feature to save a session for future reference and send to members who aren’t able to attend

Examples of Faculty and Staff Using Zoom

  • Hosting virtual office hours
  • Bringing in guest speakers from remote locations
  • Facilitating staff meetings

Future plans include an integration between Zoom and K-State central authentication services, which would allow users to connect with their K-State eID and password.

Would you like more information about the Zoom experience? Schedule a Zoom live demo today!