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Mobile Security Company Uses Zoom for Global Employees
July 2, 2013 by Blast Media

Lookout is a mobile security company that builds security software to protect people, businesses and networks from mobile threats. They have multiple offices hundreds of miles apart – two locations in California, one in the UK, and they are looking to further expand internationally. After trying a number of video conferencing solutions, Lookout chose to use Zoom Video Communications to help connect employees.

Lookout is able to easily deploy Zoom across their multiple locations and create conference room environments without making major investments in proprietary hardware. They also increase employee productivity with Zoom’s all-in-one video conferencing solution that allows employees to share their screens and talk within a single interface.

Overall, Lookout was able to partner with Zoom and didn’t have to compromise on cost or quality. Read the rest of the Lookout Case Study to learn more about Lookout’s security solutions and how Zoom was able to help Lookout’s employees collaborate.

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