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3 Apps to Keep You Going During the BART Strike
July 3, 2013 by Blast Media

Are you one of the many San Francisco Bay Area commuters traveling by car, bus, or ferry today because of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) strike? Trains linking downtown San Francisco to its airport and the East Bay area are idle due to BART workers on strike. The striking unions and management are in disagreement about issues including salaries, pensions, and healthcare. Although negotiations are in the works, BART is currently down making it difficult for commuters to get to work. Fortunately, technology, and specifically smartphones, can help.

If you are one of the nearly 400,000 San Francisco Bay Area commuters affected by the BART strikes, consider using one of these iPhone apps to make sure you get in front of the people you need to talk to today.

Avego Ride-Sharing 
There are several real-time ride-sharing apps available for commuters choosing to carpool during the BART strikes. The Avego app enables private cars to become part of the public transport network by allowing drivers to offer unused seats to additional patrons in real time. By sharing rides, commuters will be able to use the carpooling lanes and move quickly through building traffic.

Get There By Bike
If you’re within biking distance of your office, consider forgoing motorized transportation. The Get There By Bike app makes it easier by offering interactive city bike maps and giving bikers the ability to preview road conditions with Google street view.

Zoom Video Conferencing
Zoom’s ability to work across tablet and mobile and mobile screen sharing features allows you to conduct mobile meetings easily if you are a commuter using alternative transportation like the ferry or bus. Telecommuting is another alternative for those affected by the BART strikes. With HD video conferencing, annotation capabilities, and screen sharing, Zoom can help you meet face to face, even if you can’t meet in person.

Haven’t tried Zoom yet? Sign up for Zoom today!