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4 Reasons Why Zoom is the #1 Video Conferencing Experience
July 19, 2013 by Blast Media

There are a number of video conferencing solutions currently available. Many of the top web conferencing contenders offer the same features at around the same cost. It can be hard to choose amongst them. However, when you look closely, Zoom is the optimum choice. Here are four reasons why Zoom is the #1 video conferencing experience.

iPad and iPhone Screen Sharing 
Many other web conferencing and video conferencing solutions provide desktop or laptop screen sharing, but not mobile screen sharing. Zoom’s mobile screen sharing capabilities make it possible to conduct a mobile meeting as effectively as you would from your desktop, an essential feature for the traveling businessperson.

Works with Software and Hardware-based Video Conference Rooms 
Zoom’s Room Connector brings traditional room systems to the cloud. It connects H.323/SIP room systems with desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The Room Connector has various deployment options: the Personal Room Connector runs inside your internal network, the Virtual Room Connector runs in DMZ and the Cloud Room Connector runs in the public cloud hosted by Zoom.

This offer is free with all Zoom accounts. Other web conferencing solutions either don’t offer this feature or only provide it at an extremely expensive price point.

Zoom is the best solution for any room size, whether it’s a small meeting room, boardroom or a large classroom. We walk through the steps and equipment required to set up your video conference room based on its size and your needs.

On-premise Deployment Option
Zoom’s on-premise deployment option – the Zoom Meeting Connector – is an extension of Zoom’s cloud infrastructure. It allows for video, voice and content sharing data to be on your private cloud. Again, other web conferencing solution either don’t offer this feature or only provide it at an extremely expensive price point. Zoom offers it for free to paid users.

Zoom is $9.99/month per host for enterprise customers. Our web meeting competitors generally cost about five times that, and video conferencing competitors can cost thousands of dollars, not including ongoing maintenance costs.

Given these incredible benefits, it’s no wonder Zoom is the fastest growing companies in its industry. Sign up for a Zoom account today and get a first hand look at these and other great features.