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A Successful Mobile Workforce Connects Using Zoom
July 29, 2013 by Blast Media

LiquidSpace helps people find high quality temporary workspaces, such as meeting and co-working spaces. Theses spaces are ideal for traveling business people or those that don’t have a stable place to meet or work. As a company, LiquidSpace uses its own model and has employees who work from home or a liquidspace. Therefore, LiquidSpace needed a way to connect all of its employees around the country and world.

Zoom was the perfect solution, allowing employees to connect and converse easily in a unified interface that improved their connections and collaboration. Zoom’s screen sharing capabilities and the way participants are presented in Zoom meetings maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their meetings.

“Another solution we tried was quite a nightmare. With Zoom, we get easy access to video conferencing and web-based presentations,” shared Lauren Pattison, Vice President of Marketing at LiquidSpace.

Where other web conferencing solutions fell short, Zoom was able to deliver. LiquidSpace now uses Zoom as its principal video conferencing software for internal communication, as well as meetings with partners that provide their liquidspaces.

If you haven’t tried Zoom Video Communications yet, sign up for a free Zoom account!