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10 Ways Video Collaboration Enhances Distance Learning
August 2, 2013 by Zoom

Distance learning is the biggest trend in higher education. Many institutions are looking for better ways to improve their distance learning programs. Video conferencing tools like Zoom have a variety of functions in higher education that can reduce costs and improve the learning experience.

Zoom is at SIDLIT, the Summer Institute on Distance Learning and Instructional Technology, this week. Our Head of Product Marketing, Nick Chong, presented 10 Ways to Enhance Distance Learning Through Video Collaboration.

Nick Chong presenting at SIDLIT

For those who can’t attend SIDLIT, we wanted to share these best practices here.

1. Borderless Learning

Video provides the best online learning experience. Students and professors prefer it over traditional text-based chat rooms, and it perfectly complements MOOC with synchronous learning.

2. Hybrid Classrooms

Extend and mobilize traditional classrooms through video collaboration. In particular, Zoom helps an institution overcome education barriers for rural areas at it works from desktop, tablet, mobile and room systems.

3. Guest Lectures

Excite your students with guest speakers from around the world. Build relationships with other institutions and scholars, while reducing your department’s travel and hospitality budgets.

4. Virtual Office Hours

It’s simple! The professor or TA creates a virtual office and students “drop in and out” as they like during set weekly hours. Everyone avoids the hassles of commuting, parking and waiting.

5. Attend Class From Anywhere

Students can attend class virtually when they’re sick, snowed in or traveling. They can even attend a class remotely during the add/drop period before deciding to register.

6. Student Study Groups and Team Projects

Students can start or join study groups from anywhere. They can also write and edit papers together by sharing their screen while meeting.

7. Practice Language Face-to-Face

Sign Language can be delivered via Zoom in HD quality. Additionally, foreign language students can practice with native speakers over Zoom and international students can keep in touch with friends and family.

8. Interviews via Zoom

This can work two ways. First, your university HR can interview job candidates over video from around the world without flying them in. Second, your student employment services can help students interview for jobs via Zoom from their dorm rooms or career center.

9. Virtual Fieldtrips

Reduce travel expenses and liabilities by taking students on global fieldtrips over Zoom. They can see the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and anywhere else with an Internet connection.

10. Faculty Conferences and Collaboration

The university can train staff via Zoom. They can also organize professional development conferences that take place virtually, and collaborate on research with other institutions over Zoom.

Further Resources

To learn more and share best practices, visit the LinkedIn Zoom Education User Group. You can also check out our case study on the University of Northern Iowa and be on the lookout for an upcoming blog post about Stanford Continuing Studies.

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