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Green Your Business With Video Conferencing
August 22, 2013 by Zoom

As technology progresses, the world gets smaller. It is also getting greener. Besides offering convenience, technology slowly erodes activities that used to require large amounts of effort and energy. One of these activities is the face-to-face meeting.

Before the telephone, to meet with someone 100 miles away you had to go (by horse, no less!) to that person’s town and find them. Requesting the meeting took days and the time and energy of the postal service. With the telephone, people didn’t have to write letters but they did have to travel to meet. Now, with the advent of video conferencing, the face-to-face meeting has become almost obsolete. Video supersedes other methods of communication in terms of realism and experience. Since it’s almost as good as a face-to-face encounter, a video meeting is all you really need to communicate over distances.

Video meetings eliminate the need for motor and air transportation. By providing an unparalleled user experience, Zoom Video Communications incentivizes companies to use video meetings rather than traveling to meet. Zoom’s friendly interface, ease of use, and high streaming quality make the experience of meeting online almost as good (if not exactly as good) as an in-person meeting.

By using Zoom, you are not just saving money on trips, you no longer have to use the company’s air conditioner, lighting, or heating. The less time employees, customers, and partners work spend the office building, the more money the company saves. If you care about environmental friendliness, Zoom is one of the best ways to green your business. All the unspent energy translates into less emissions, which reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere.

According to a report by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), video conferencing may reduce carbon emissions by 5.5 million metric tons by the year 2020.

When it comes to doing business, budget constraints can take precedence.

The CDP report also says that businesses will save a total of $19 billion as a result of choosing video conferencing. Zoom increases the cost savings more than its competitors, since it’s priced at an extremely affordable $9.99 a month for businesses.

You can further diminish your operating costs by having employees telecommute. Telecommuting reduces the amount of space a business occupies. Aside from that, you’ll have happy employees who certainly won’t miss their commutes.

To put a little foresight into this discussion, let’s talk about taxes and price fluctuations. There are all sorts of “green” taxes and regulations that affect your overhead. In the future, taxes may get even heftier due to proposed legislation. Gas is certainly trending upwards. Zoom might actually help you cut costs in the long run more than you think. The savings increase as prices climb, creating a future ROI that’s even higher than your current Zoom ROI.

Zoom’s flexibility makes it a great fit for green business practices. For example, Zoom works with mobile devices, which consume less energy than a traditional desktop PC.  As a consequence, Zoom meetings could greatly benefit both the environment and your pocketbook. The next time you open Zoom, think about the fuel, airfare, electricity, and money you just saved by choosing to meet virtually.

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