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5 Ways Video Conferencing Beats In-Person Meetings
September 11, 2013 by Zoom

Believe it or not, there are some ways in which Zoom Video Communications creates an awesome experience you just can’t get face-to-face. While you might have thought video conferencing is less-than-ideal for some situations, you’ll soon come to realize that live conversations can be a problematic mess compared to Zoom.

“But what about body language, information sharing, and other stuff that people really need to be productive?” We’ll get to that. “And what about funny hats?” That is also on the agenda.

So, how do we back up our claim that a Zoom meeting can be, at worst, just as productive as a group meeting at the office? There are actually several justifications:

1. On-time participants.Zoom Video Communications

How much traffic do you have to go through every day? Think about this the next time someone is half an hour late to your in-person meeting gone wrong. Now, how many fender benders do you have to dodge on your way from the bedroom to the living room? At the very least, you can guarantee you won’t get stuck behind a string of red lights. Need we say more?

2. Better manners.

Digital interactions are less “in your face.” You no longer have to be present for everyone else’s annoying personal habits. You’ll feel more courteous in no time. Also, people tend to interrupt each other less in video meetings. Because of a little thing known as “lag,” people wait an extra second to ensure that it is truly their turn to speak and the pause in conversation isn’t due to lag. In the “real world,” we don’t have any expectation of lag, so we shoot out thoughts at the speed of sound hoping some of it will stick.

3. Confidence boost.

The first video meeting can be a little awkward. This is standard procedure. But as time passes, you’ll notice that people are more up front with their contributions to the discussion. This is due to the isolation factor. When a person talks to a computer screen, he or she doesn’t feel the full brunt of human interaction, eliminating a lot of the complexes that arise when interacting in-person. A video conversation is like having a live human conversation, minus all the awkward cues and tension of being stuck in the same room.

Zoom Video Communications4. A better Funny Hat Day.

Events or theme days at work become more effective and special in video sessions. Since none of the participants see each other getting “themed up” before the meeting, participants are more surprised and delighted by each other’s appearance. Try it!

5. Sharing stuff.

It’s much easier to email files to one another while in a video meeting at your computer than an in-house meeting in a conference room. There’s also another type of sharing that can (and will) boost your productivity once you embrace it: screen sharing. This Zoom feature allows you to share or present a document, photo or website quickly and professionally.

Day in, day out, more people are opting for video conferencing as they realize these benefits. Hopefully, you’ll have meetings that are far more productive than previous in-house interactions. After all, video conferencing also provide a significant benefit when you choose to hire an off-shore or dispersed workforce. And in conclusion, here are some baby chicks in funny hats.

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