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Zoom Hits the Road…Again!
October 15, 2013 by Zoom

Zoom at CalBar

Last week we demoed our Unified Meeting Experience at the State Bar of California 86th Annual Meeting at the San Jose Convention Center. The theme of the meeting was Innovation and the Law – the perfect topic for Zoom!


Ross showing off Zoom’s set-up at CalBar

We met with hundreds of legal professionals and found that the three most popular use cases for Zoom in the legal profession are:


Conduct and record depositions, making use of our encrypted HD video and audio, and our one-click MP4 recording.

Dispute resolution / mediation

Mediators and their clients can meet via video conferencing. To learn more, visit  Virtual Mediation Lab, which has run over 100 virtual mediation simulations.

Client meetings

No more business trips! Zoom from your home or office with your clients or opposing law firms. Cut down on travel expenses while increasing your billable hours.

Zoom at the SMB Influencer Awards


On Thursday, October 17, we’re heading to Manhattan to accept a Small Business Influencer Champion Award at the Annual Awards Gala. Thanks to the amazing Zoom fans, we actually received 8,054 votes, the most in any category. We’re excited to show the gala attendees the small-medium business use cases for Zoom, such as:

Distributed team meetings

Team members around the world can connect on any device to meet together quickly and easily. Build relationships between offices and increase your team’s productivity.


Quick and affordable conference room set up

Traditional video conference rooms cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to set up. With Zoom and a couple pieces of quality hardware (such as a camera and a large monitor or TV screen) you can set up your next generation conference room at a fraction of the time and expense.

Virtual staffing

Use one staff member as your receptionist in multiple offices by patching him or her into several reception desks at once via Zoom. Provide a virtual help desk to customers by connecting them with your support staff over Zoom.

We hope to see you at the awards!

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