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Why Would a Lawyer Want Zoom?
October 31, 2013 by Zoom

Practicing law sometimes can be as fun as playing an engaging game of chess. Other times it can be as frustrating as sitting through a tax audit while wearing an itchy sweater and a pair of shoes two sizes too small. Either way, it’s time you learned about how video conferencing can change your practice and enhance your relationship with your clients.

The practice of law implies a strong loyalty to your client. Good lawyers hold onto their clients and ease their struggles. One of the best ways to do this is by meeting with them on demand without mangling your schedule. How does Zoom do this for you? Well, let’s have a look.

Be everywhere at the same time!

If you have a lot of clients, you’re likely running back and forth between court appearances and meetings and don’t have time to reach your office. That is, unless you want to sacrifice that tiny break you get in the middle of the day for [insert ridiculously short time interval here].

Sound familiar? Then Zoom’s Android and iOS apps can really help you out. Just whip your smartphone out and invite your client to a meeting. Your client might be a bit surprised to see you talking at a restaurant, but they’ll appreciate not being rescheduled.

Clutter your desk with papers, not clients.

Maybe you’re not the kind of lawyer who likes walk and talk, or eat and meet. There’s another way Zoom can help you. It involves not having an enormous queue of clients. To ease the pressure, you can have meetings with your clients without requiring their physical presence in the office.

Have you ever had a client call you to set up a meeting only to tell you at the last minute that he won’t be able to come because he can’t leave the house or the office? But wait! You can start a Zoom meeting and meet the client right at his home!

In fact, what if you did this with every client? Not only would it be convenient for them, but you don’t have to clean up your office. Think about it: Where do you feel most comfortable? In all likelihood you answered “at home.” Most of your clients probably feel the same way, so meeting them at their homes through Zoom will relax them. Other clients are just too busy to leave their offices, and will appreciate your flexibility when you suggest a Zoom meeting. Sure, it’s not a solution for everyone. Some of them may feel the need for face-to-face encounters. Others may need to tell you things they can’t have overheard at their home or office.

Despite that, Zoom still presents a way for you to manage and schedule meetings more productively. Offering this convenience to clients raises the likelihood of retaining them.

Take a vacation!


When’s the last time you went on vacation? We’re not talking about those two days you spent in Canada visiting your aunt; that time when the tire iron broke and you had to walk 15 miles to a gas station to get another one (seriously, though, who breaks those things?!). We’re talking about a good week or so in Honolulu or the Alps. Vacations are difficult when you’re tied to one place.

Using Zoom, you can meet with your clients from your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, not just the restaurant near your local court. When running in tandem with a VoIP app, Zoom expands your meeting possibilities. As you leverage the power of these tools, you’ll notice you have more free time to do things you’ve wanted to do without being tied down. Situations where you could only meet through voice are no longer a problem, since you can now throw video into the mix. The door opens for you to have a satisfied client even when you’re thousands of miles from the office.


Mediation made easy.

If you’re also a mediator, you’ve probably experienced participants’ reluctance to face each other in person. One way to change up the mediation process (or even the deposition process, for that matter) is to introduce video-based virtual sessions. With its highly-versatile easy-to-use interface and recording feature, Zoom is perfect for this.

Zoom is a lawyer’s best friend!

Practicing law effectively involves more than just studying case files and being a bookworm. There’s a human side to you. Exploit that. Zoom can help you become a convenient asset to every one of your clients and helps you relieve both your stress and theirs.

Haven’t tried Zoom yet? Sign up for your free account today!