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New Case Study: Nepris & Zoom Inspire Students
November 13, 2013 by Zoom
Our newest case study, Nepris Inspires Students Through Zoom, examines Nepris‘ solution to the obstacles of connecting industry experts with students in classrooms to help academic lessons become more real and meaningful.
Guest lecturers have long been used in classrooms. However, helpful as they may be to the few students they reach, their lectures aren’t necessarily relevant to what students are learning in the classroom and this practice isn’t scalable.
Zoom - Sabari Raja

Sabari Raja, Founder, Nepris

This is where Nepris comes in. Nepris connects classrooms to industry experts via their platform that features cloud-based video conferencing from Zoom. “Experts may come in person, maybe once or twice during Career Day,” said Sabari Raja, Founder of Nepris, LLC. “With Nepris, our vision is to eliminate barriers to make industry engagement a part of everyday learning.”

Why did Nepris choose Zoom for their platform? “We evaluated a number of video conferencing platforms,” said Raja. “For us, Zoom was an easy choice because we wanted a cloud-based platform that was easy for customers to install and start. We wanted a seamless process, since teachers in the classroom don’t have time to handle excessive technology. Its ability to work on most any device, whether it be a tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer was also a deciding factor. And ultimately, ease of use was the primary consideration for our choice.”

Zoom - StudentsNothing in this world inspires a student more than a role model. This is where they draw their motivation; and if it must come from a screen rather than a live person, so be it. The technology now exists to show students that what they’re doing right now is relevant, and if they patiently follow through with their schoolwork, they are setting themselves up for a brighter future.

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