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Why Small Businesses Succeed With Zoom
November 21, 2013 by Zoom

“Business” is an amorphous term that often leads people to believe that, no matter the size, every business’s needs can be met with one particular formula. Enterprise software providers and developers often make this mistake, failing to realize (or perhaps just ignoring) the unique needs of the small business sector.

But, then again, there is a way to cater to small businesses and large corporations alike. The formula is simple: consider both their needs, and consolidate them in a way that refuses to compromise for one or the other.

This is the formula Zoom exhibits in its video conferencing software, providing the ideal working video environment for small companies. How so? I’m glad you asked…

Pennies On The Dollar

While most video meeting solutions on the cloud require you to pay (maybe after a free trial period), our offering is actually completely free to use, with minor restrictions (such as a 40-minute time limit for meetings of more than two participants). Should you ever choose to pay for more control over your meetings, you pay only $14.99 per month to have up to 50 participants with no time limit. We feel that our pricing will help small businesses compete with bigger firms without having to empty their coffers.

Zoom - IT team

Don’t have these guys on staff? No problem!

The Interface Doesn’t Require a Tech Guru

We’ve all been there. You browse through several CRMs or email marketing software offers, decide on one that looks super attractive, take the free trial, and end up in a labyrinth of technobabble. Zoom is different.

Starting a meeting on Zoom involves just a few clicks, even on your first try. To invite participants, you just send them a link and they will be able to connect without an account. We believe that video communication needs to have as few roadblocks as possible to help small businesses that don’t have IT crews.

During meetings, all of Zoom’s features are accessible through its simple interface. Sharing your screen with participants, chatting with them, inviting new participants, modifying your settings, recording the meeting, and testing your audio is all done right there on the meeting screen. Buttons for these features only appear when you move your mouse, so they’re not cluttering your screen during your meeting. Zoom is able to “get out of the way” and let you focus on the other participants instead of the technology.

Look, Ma! No Proprietary Hardware!

Many other video solutions require the use of their own hardware in order to work properly. But small business owners are increasingly looking for something less rigid.

Who says you can’t host a video meeting with your employees on your mobile device…while skydiving? Zoom is an anytime, anywhere, anything product. Nothing stops you now from putting video in everything you touch. If smart watches become popular, you might even be able to use Zoom to ask someone what time it is… on your watch!

Different Horizons

Zoom - Growth

What if you’re looking to grow in the future? Not all small businesses want to remain in the “mom and pop” stage forever. If  you want to maximize production and provide your products to as many customers as possible, you need all of your infrastructure of applications, SaaS services, storage, and all that other IT stuff to be scalable. In other words, it needs to grow at roughly the same rate that you do.

Zoom video conferencing software is completely elastic and doesn’t require you to commit to one particular plan for an extended period of time. In fact, you can just add more user accounts for another $9.99 per month any time you’d like!

What if one day you decide that you want to host your video meetings on your own servers to have more control over bandwidth distribution and data transmission? Eventually, you may experience circumstances that leave you preferring a self-hosted version of Zoom rather than the cloud experience. For this reason, we allow you to host your own virtualized environment as part of the default paid plan. There’s no need to upgrade anything in order to use our Meeting Connector.

With Meeting Connector, you can use VMWare (VSphere/Workstation/Fusion), Hyper-V, or Virtual Box to host all of your meetings, right from within your doors, or from a hosted virtualization service provider.

Zoom - SupportHand Holding Included

If you have any experience with technology, you’ll have had your fair share of unsatisfying support experiences. This is especially a shame when you encounter a great company offering an awesome product, but it doesn’t provide adequate support for its customers.

To us, the best policy is to make software that doesn’t require support calls in the first place. The formula goes much like this:

Broken software = Support calls.

Good software = Little to no support calls.

Since Zoom is an easy-to-use, intuitive product, you won’t find yourself in many situations (if any) in which you’ll actually need support. But when you need it, we’re there for you. With our support, you’ll feel like the CEO of a fat cat firm.

And The Best Part…

The most positively awesome part about Zoom, from a small business perspective, is that you don’t have to take anything we say at face value. You can sign up for a free account and see for yourself!