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Zoom and the Healthcare Revolution
December 3, 2013 by Zoom

Recently, Zoom investor Patrick Soon-Shiong made headlines for his groundbreaking work in medicine. Dr. Soon-Shiong is using Big Data to change the ways doctors respond to illnesses, particularly to cancer. This medical visionary also has a vision for Zoom and the ways we can change healthcare. How has Zoom started to change the face of healthcare? Let’s look at some examples…

Telemedicine: The Apractis Clinic and the Healing Power of Zoom

Zoom - Dr. Barbash

Dr. Andrew Barbash

Zoom helps The Apractis Clinic facilitate collaboration in healthcare environments and connect patients and doctors to help them make the most of technology currently available in their organizations. Founded by Neurologist Dr. Andrew Barbash, the clinic features a website that revolves around Zoom. People who want to consult with Barbash or his colleagues simply go to the site, visit its virtual front desk, and set up a meeting. Their decision to use Zoom was motivated by a need to establish a very efficient and time-saving workflow model for meeting with patients. They wanted to get face-to-face without any bells and whistles getting in the way of a meeting.

Ongoing Support: A Meeting of the Minds & Zoom Give Voice to People With Dementia

Zoom - MOTM logo

A Meeting of the Minds

A Meeting of the Minds helps people with dementia to live their best lives possible – and Zoom is here to facilitate this important work. A Meeting of the Minds has used Zoom for a variety of purposes: an online interactive theater project called To Whom I May Concern, weekly support groups for people who feel isolated due to their dementia and for their virtual Memory Café, a monthly social get-together of caregivers and people diagnosed with dementia. They plan to do virtual Laughter Yoga, a type of yoga that involves laughter, and relaxation and breathing techniques, to continue the webinars they have been hosting and to host a large web conference for newly diagnosed patients and their families.

Upcoming Case: Telepsychiatry

Stay tuned for a future case on how SynerGenius uses Zoom for telepsychiatry! With it’s HD video and 25-person capacity, Zoom has been particularly helpful for group therapy because everyone can see each others’ faces clearly at once.

Other Uses: How Healthcare Can Zoom its Way to Greatness

There are many other uses for Zoom in the healthcare industry. Such as:

      • Streamlining the consultation process by bringing busy or distant specialists into the room virtually with the primary care physician and patient. Screen sharing of MRIs and X-rays makes this all the more efficient.
      • Improving internal communications for on-call doctors among departments.
      • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for personal displacement and administrative overhaul while saving at least 80% compared to other video conferencing solutions.

These are just some of many uses for Zoom in the healthcare industry. Learn more about Zoom and Healthcare and Zoom and HIPAA.

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