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New Case Study: Hit Reach Zooms To Success
December 17, 2013 by Zoom

Our newest case study, Hit Reach Puts the Customer First With Zoom’s Help, discusses Hit Reach, a company that builds high quality, cost-effective websites that customers can manage themselves.
Zoom - Hit Reach Page Example

A Hit Reach Webpage

Hit Reach is unique in that they spend a lot of time with their client learning their challenges and needs before building the best solution to their unique requirements. But this was difficult for Hit Reach because they have clients around the world and an equally dispersed team. They needed a solution that allowed them to speak with team members and customers. They needed a grade-A meeting solution.
Zoom - Chris Gilchrist

Chris Gilchrist, Founder & Managing Director, Hit Reach


We had the opportunity to speak with Chris Gilchrist, the Founder and Managing Director of Hit Reach, about the journey his company underwent in order to find the best solution to this conundrum.”Before using Zoom, our other video communication software was throwing many bugs in our direction,” said Gilchrist.”We wanted a video solution with minimal hassle; and with Zoom, this is what we got.”
Hit Reach got everything it needed from Zoom’s cloud meetings platform:

  • An easy-to-use interface that doesn’t interfere with discussions, especially when conversing with clients.
  • A stable platform that doesn’t present the technical issues that plague other video communications software.
  • A seamless, professional experience for clients.

Learn more by reading the complete Hit Reach case. Haven’t tried Zoom yet? Sign up for a free account today!