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Brevity Collaborates On Zoom
January 14, 2014 by Zoom

Zoom - Brevity logoOur newest case study focuses on Brevity, a company that needed Zoom to connect its remote teams and customers.

The growth of the video production, post-production and distribution market has grown tremendously, making it difficult to keep up with the high bandwidth demands of video file sizes. This has sparked demand for slimmer solutions that don’t require a lot of resources to move and format video.

Enter Brevity, whose software allows companies to quickly move video files and transcode them into different formats, while delivering them at a fraction of their original file size. Brevity’s solution is groundbreaking, but can its company face the internal challenges of getting its international team based out of New York, Los Angeles and Argentina to collaborate?

Zoom - Jossi pic

Jossi Fresco Benaim

We spoke to Jossi Fresco Benaim, Brevity’s Chief Technology Officer, about Brevity’s use of Zoom cloud meetings to solve this issue.

Brevity had tried other video meeting software, but was disappointed by their complex interfaces, cumbersome operations, lack of reliability and high costs. “What’s good about Zoom is that it removes all the clutter found in other solutions and introduces pure collaboration,” Fresco said. Stressing Zoom’s affordability, he added, “Within two weeks, the entire company was on Zoom. With other video conferencing suites, we could only afford a few licenses, which forced us to share accounts.”

Zoom is flexible enough for the company to use it for both internal and external meetings. “Our evaluation involved meeting with our teams, but we had bigger plans for Zoom. The ease-of-use found within Zoom has made it a perfect front-end video meeting software for our clients,” said Fresco.
The fact that a video technology company such as Brevity has chosen Zoom for its video meeting needs speaks volumes about the merits of Zoom’s platform. Brevity benefits from Zoom’s easy deployment, robust stability, straightforward interface and affordability.  Brevity is able to focus on what it does best and leave the meetings to Zoom!
To learn more, read the complete case study: Video Innovator Brevity Uses Zoom To Help Dispersed Teams Work Together.
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