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New Case Study: The Legal Geeks’ Zoom Vlog
January 21, 2014 by Zoom
zoom legal geeksCheck out our newest case study: Legal Geeks Use Zoom to Distribute Geeky Content. This case focuses on The Legal Geeks, a blog/vlog with a geeky angle on the law, often throwing science fiction into the mix. The Legal Geeks contains a combination of personal content and interviews by the Legal Geeks: Josh Gilliland and Jessica Mederson.

“We have many interviews taking many angles, such as Indiana Jones and various science fiction topics,” says Gilliland. “These things are a lot of fun to focus on, and there are a lot of legal implications.”

The first software he used for conducting interviews on his regular video podcasts was less than ideal, so Gilliland chose to look for a new solution. In the end, he found greener grass as soon as he started using Zoom.

“I absolutely love to use Zoom as a tool to do video podcasts,” said Gilliland. “Recording was straightforward and simple, in stark opposition to other software I’ve encountered where I had to download obscure file formats and use several workarounds to get the stream into both my podcast and our YouTube channel.”

Joshua Gilliland dispenses legal knowledge.

High-definition video is a must when posting streaming content. Even if a video meeting doesn’t have the destiny of being uploaded to a streaming venue, it’s still important for subjects and participants to see each other clearly to have a vibrant conversation. In this aspect, and many others, Zoom exceeded expectations.

Because he found Zoom, Josh Gilliland plans to expand on top of what he currently does with it. “In the future, we may add product demos, webinars, and remote learning,” he said.

As a result of adopting Zoom, Gilliland can now conduct his meetings more smoothly with these added benefits:

  • A minimalistic interface that has lacks no features.
  • Simple recording and straightforward retrieval of recorded video.
  • High-quality audio and video meetings.
  • Active speaker switching, which makes meetings look much more professional.
  • Compatibility with virtually any hardware and any platform.

Learn more by reading the complete case.

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