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New Case Study: SynerGenius Telepsychiatry and Zoom
February 18, 2014 by Zoom

zoom - synergenius logoCheck out our newest case study: Synergenius Achieves Telepsychiatry Synergy Using Zoom. This case focuses on SynerGenius, a consulting and psychiatry practice that uses the power of video to reach its clients.

zoom - dr helgason

Dr. Chanel Helgason, Founder and Director, SynerGenius

“SynerGenius is comprised of two different sister organizations,” says Dr. Chanel Helgason, SynerGenius Founder and Director. “The first one is SynerGenius Telepresence, which is my private practice for telepsychiatry.” SynerGenius Telepresence offers individualized integrative medicine and mind-body treatments using telepresence technology.  The second is SynerGenius Consulting, which offers wellness and life balance services for individuals and groups. “Our focus is on helping people bring balance into their lives and learn how to deal with stress,” says Dr. Helgason.

SynerGenius’ entire operation depends on video meetings. Dr. Helgason tried almost a dozen applications, experiencing everything from minor disappointments to total failures, she still wasn’t ready to throw the towel just yet. She then reached Zoom’s cloud meeting platform on her list.

“Once we tried Zoom, the outcome was decisive,” she said. “It was hands-down the best software we tested.” The case outlines exactly why Zoom was the perfect fit for SynerGenius:

  • Zoom is easy to connect with, and doesn’t require participants to have any accounts.
  • Zoom’s high-quality audio and video allow for more immersive meeting experiences.
  • Zoom can accommodate up to 100 two-way participants, allowing large meetings to take place.
  • At its price, Zoom manages to match higher-tier offers, sometimes providing even more features.
  • Zoom offers high-end data security, including AES 128 bits end-to-end encryption.
  • Unlike other meeting software, Zoom’s cloud meeting platform lets participants talk to each other fluidly, rather than requiring the host to transfer the “right” to speak to each participant individually, so it feels like an in-person conversation.

Want to learn more about telepsychiatry and how SynerGenius uses Zoom? Read the complete case study or check out this previous post on the benefits of telepsychiatry.

And try Zoom for yourself – sign up for a free account today!