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What You Can’t Count on in Video Meetings without Zoom
February 27, 2014 by Zoom

It happens all the time. You go out to buy, say, a laptop. It has the ideal specs and lots of hard drive space. This is starting to look like a great deal. $899? No way! Who can resist such a price? You pick up the laptop and run to the cashier. Three days later, the RAM isn’t performing fast enough and the hard drive is pretty much a dud. These things don’t appear in the specs on the box; they appear on the spec sheet inside it. Surprise!

So, you do what every normal person would do in such a situation. You go through a little post-purchase rationalization and try searching for worse products in that price range. Now you’re happy that at least you didn’t fall in those traps!

“And what does this have to do with video meetings?” you ask.

The simple and harsh reply: Post-purchase rationalization is common in almost everything, including video meeting software. Chances are you’re kind of tired of experiencing a lower-quality product that advertised itself as a sterling piece of work.

With video meeting products, post-purchase rationalization doesn’t work. If you do this, you harm yourself, your company, and your peers. The platform you use is like your business card. It tells your participants (including your customers, your board members and other VIPs) a little bit about you. So, it’s crucial to get things right the first time. The first step to doing this is understanding what you cannot rely on in advertised video meeting software features.

Don’t Rely On Advertised Resolutions (Unless You’re Using Zoom)

zoom staticEvery video meeting platform on this planet offers “high quality” video. Some may actually sincerely provide it, but many of them fail to deliver in certain situations. For example, when people try communicating across entire oceans, a lot of the software you’ll try will break up or simply show one or two people in a very pixellated resolution. Conferences under these circumstances go something like this:

– “Hi, John!”

– “Hey, Nancy!”

– “Good morning, random group of colored squares representing my colleagues!”

With Zoom, if your computer, bandwidth, and camera can handle it, you’ll see everything. If you have the hardware for it, we’ll deliver whatever we can throw at it, put simply. You’ll be able to see your participants with such crystal clarity, you’ll be tempted to reach out and high-five them through the screen. Seriously, don’t try that. It’ll smudge your monitor.

Don’t Rely On Support (Unless You’re Using Zoom)

zoom - frustrated with supportThe complaint we most often hear about other video meeting providers is the lackluster support. Sometimes this involves telephone support menus basically designed to never have you interact with a live person. Ever yelled “Representative! Representative! Representative!” at a recorded menu to no avail? We feel your pain. Other times it involves submitting a support ticket, only to never hear back or hear back three days later. Not much help for the problems you’re having right now.

zoom - supportUsing Zoom, critical issues receive instant support via our own video interface, allowing you to meet up with us while we help you learn the ropes and troubleshoot issues. Of course, we do everything possible to prevent you from needing our support services by developing the easiest to use and most transparent software available, offering live demos and stocking our knowledge base with helpful guides.

Moral of the Story: Just Use Zoom!

If you’ve ever experienced these frustrations, don’t try to rationalize your purchase. Just switch over to our trusty platform. See how awesome it is by signing up for free!