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Zoom for Your Sales Team
March 7, 2014 by Zoom

We all know Zoom is great for internal meetings. Just shoot your colleague an invite and connect from the next office over or across oceans. But it is sometimes harder to start using a new tool for your external meetings. For sales, in particular, there is a tradition of getting on the road to personally connect with your customers or to walk potential customers through a PowerPoint of your products over the phone. These approaches are either expensive and time consuming in the case of the former, or ineffective and impersonal in the case of the latter. So, all you cold callers and road warriors, listen up for some of Zoom’s use cases in the world of sales:

Make Your Pitch

zoom sales meeting

Why switch to video conferencing over your audio conferencing or slide sharing services? The answer is simple: communication is absolutely vital to the sales process and much of communication is non-verbal. Much of what you are saying to your customer and they are saying to you is never said at all! Think about it: don’t you want to see a nod of approval when you mention a feature or the raise of their eyebrows when you mention the price? You can’t do that on the phone. And it’s not always practical to see it in person. Video is the solution.

Sales teams have been reluctant to switch to video meetings for two reasons: 1. They don’t want to ask their customers to create accounts with a video meeting service, which is usually a requirement of joining a video meeting. And 2. First impressions are everything. A sales person doesn’t want to have a meeting with a customer where they can hardly see each other through a static, choppy video.

We hear you! And we have addressed these concerns…

Easy Join

With Zoom, your customers do not have to create accounts to join your meetings. You send them the meeting invite, they click the link and (the first time only) they are prompted to download our lightweight app. Then they are sent into the meeting. No setting up an account with a new user name and password to remember.

High Quality

Zoom offers HD video and audio with highest quality screen sharing. Zoom optimizes your bandwidth, so if you have Zoom vs. a typical consumer-grade video product running on the same bandwidth, you’d see better audio and video quality on Zoom. If a participant has low bandwidth, Zoom lets both of you know it, so you can try to address the issue.

Instant Meetings

Ever get a slightly irate call from a new customer? “We seem to be having a little difficulty with the set-up here…” What to do? A phone call is a little impersonal and scheduling a meeting for tomorrow simply won’t do – tomorrow is a day too late! Many video meeting services require a multi-step scheduling process. Not Zoom! Click Video Meeting from your Zoom menu, and the meeting starts. Then, click Invite to invite your customer via email to your meeting (or just send them the meeting URL or ID).

zoom - mobile meetingsChecking In

You’re on the road and you need to tell your boss about your latest victory, including sharing with her your signed contract and pricing schedule. Pick up your smart phone or tablet and start a Zoom meeting with her. Instead of calling to walk your boss though the contract you emailed her, you can screen share the documents right from your Zoom meeting.

Team Meetings

From the sales manager perspective, if you have a distributed sales team or just have several team members on the road, you should still have regular check-in’s. These meetings don’t have to be too time-consuming, since you know your team just wants to get back to their calls, but they should be regular since they can build morale and energy by discussing recent successes, your pipeline and goals. Zoom is great way to pull your remote participants in to these meetings. When they just call over audio, they miss out on the energy of the room and are less likely to contribute. When you can all see each other, it makes for a better team-building experience.

Cut the Budget

Sales teams are always under pressure to make revenue numbers. They can also be under pressure to tighten their belts. The first thing to go should be those pricy business trips! Consider the cost of flight, taxis, hotel rooms and meals weighed against Zoom’s $14.99 a month per host Pro plan. It’s no contest! It might still make sense to make a trip out to your key accounts once a year or so to check in and buy them dinner, but for the day-to-day meetings and smaller customers, Zoom will do the trick.

Get Zooming

You don’t have to take our word for it! Sign up for a free Zoom account. We know you’ll see a difference!