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Groundbreaking Start-Ups At Demo
April 10, 2014 by Zoom

Zoom is still a start-up, but we’ve been around for a couple years and know what it takes to make a great tech start-up: innovative technology and strong, visionary leadership.

We were at DEMO Enterprise 2014 last week, and we were really impressed by the new companies and technologies we saw there. We’ve identified a few that we think are truly stellar.

eko screen shotEko

Hailing from Berkeley, California, Eko Devices produces a stethoscope that digitizes and streams heart sounds to a smartphone. Why is this better than a plain old analog stethoscope? According to Eko, almost 80% of new internal medicine doctors can’t diagnose common heart conditions with an analog stethoscope. Eko allows the physician to automatically analyze the heartbeat, and, if need be, share it with another physcian. This prevents misdiagnosis and undetected heart conditions.


It’s a common experience. You start a new job. You don’t have your email or CRM log-in information, you don’t know who anyone is, no one knows who you are, and you’re not quite sure how your performance is measured. Parklet, a San Francisco company, is here to help with that and so much more. Parklet provides an employee directory, on-boarding, off-boarding, workflows and quantitative people insights. It was designed based on tools used internally by Google and Twitter, and already count TaskRabbit, Kik and Disqus among its customers.


With ZoomPresence, Zoom has expanded our current desktop and mobile offering to conference rooms with ZoomPresence, the Zoom app that works on Mac mini with touchscreen functionality. ZoomPresence has many industry-leading innovations that make it the simplest and most affordable way to host video meetings from your conference room. Check out our blog post announcing the release.

blink screen shotBlink

This NYC company was co-founded by Wall Street Journal editors frustrated by their difficulties in finding the right freelance journalists and photographers for their stories. They used a timely example: how does their team in New York find reporters already on the ground in Crimia quickly? Their answer is Blink, a mobile app that lets freelancers update their current global location and be found by media companies.  Blink sees a growing market for their app as thousands of media companies have downsized staff and are turning to freelancers to provide content.


This Mountain View, California company has created a sales productivity platform that is designed to help sales teams frustrated with their current CRM. Unlike your typical CRM, which requires time-consuming reporting but doesn’t actually help close deals, Clari’s provides captures deal progress (often automatically), provides deal progress visibility to managers, and applies data science to give predictive insights for reps, managers and executives to improve performance and forecasting.

Catch all the Demos on YouTube. Learn more about ZoomPresence or sign up for a free Zoom account.