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Zoom’s Mobile Meeting Checklist For Enterprises
April 28, 2014 by Zoom

team meeting on ipadOur mobile meeting checklist last week focused on helping individuals prepare for their on-the-go or at-home meetings. As a follow up, we thought it would be helpful to compile guidelines on integrating the mobile culture as a business.

Encourage Employees To Meet From Quiet Locations

To minimize distraction during meetings, it’s important to keep remind employees to find quiet places to meet from, whether they’re at home or in the office. Encourage them to book a conference room instead of staying in their noisy bullpen, or, when on the go, find an environment where they can control the noise. Enforce this policy and you’ll have more productive meetings sans the distraction.

Employees that are within very distracting environments don’t have to be removed from your meeting. You can simply either get them to mute their microphones or mute them yourself (if you’re the meeting host). This way, they can at least participate as listeners in the meeting. You can also do this for employees having technical audio issues that cause their systems to make noise.

secure mobile deviceUse Mobile Device Management And a Strong VPN

There will come a time when you want to discuss sensitive information over video. Even though Zoom has a robust security infrastructure, to be extra careful, you still don’t want employees exchanging such information in the middle of a public Wi-Fi network. That’s why you should use a virtual private network and make it a policy that all employees connect to it before using any work applications. You should also look into adding providing Single Sign-On (SSO) for your employees. See our partners site for SSO companies that offer Zoom on their platform.

Aside from that, there’s still the problem of not knowing whether employees are using the apps they’re supposed to use for work. Many businesses have fallen victim to having their information spread out throughout many sharing platforms the company did not approve of. To mitigate this, we recommend looking into mobile device management (MDM).

Discuss Etiquette

When people are on the move, they often are so focused on what they’re doing that they forget to prepare for the occasion. To prevent such things from arising, establish some meeting etiquette rules, including:

  • The way participants are expected to dress for meetings,
  • Whether or not participants are allowed to eat, drink, or do anything else that could potentially distract others,
  • How to know when it’s one’s turn to speak (especially in big meetings).

Exercising the proper etiquette for a meeting in your company will lead to a more harmonious and organized environment.

Using Zoom Makes It All Easier!

Mobile meetings need a mobile platform. Having your meetings on software that requires extensive setups creates more problems than it solves. Ultimately, you need something that creates a balance of bells and whistles and a clean interface. If productive and vivid meetings are what you’re looking for, Zoom has an app for you. Just sign up and try us out for free!