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Feature Spotlight: Zoom Cloud Meeting Rooms
June 17, 2014 by Zoom

Zoom is a powerful unified video conferencing and online meeting tool. It has so many awesome and popular features, we’ve been spotlighting them all one-by-one so that you can learn to make the most of your Zoom experience. This week: creating your cloud meeting room.

Zoom PMI Step 1

Personal Meeting ID Step 1

Personal Meeting ID

All Zoom customers have a personal meeting ID (PMI), which effectively allows you to make your own permanent cloud meeting room. You can find your PMI at the top of your list of upcoming meetings on the Zoom client. Zoom enables Pro and Business users to change the personal meeting ID to the 10-digit number of your choice that is easy for you to remember. One popular choice is your phone number.

Zoom PMI 2

Personal Meeting ID Step 2

It’s easy to manage your PMI. On the Zoom client, click “Meetings,” then click “Edit” below the pre-assigned PMI. Click “Change Your Personal Meeting ID” and type in a new ID of your choice.

How can you use your personal meeting ID? You can use your PMI as your cloud  For example, you’re on a phone call and want to make it a Zoom meeting, you can direct your guest to visit (or your company’s branded page), click “Join a Meeting,” and then type in your PMI (which you’ve conveniently made the same as your phone number).

Or, you can take a cue from our sales team, who added links to their personal meeting rooms on their email signatures so their customers can easily jump in a meeting with them from their email.

Learn more about personal meeting IDs.

Reoccurring Meeting

Setting your Reoccurring Meeting

Reoccurring Meetings

Create a reoccurring meeting for meetings you have regularly, such as weekly team check-ins, so you don’t have to book a new meeting each time. It’s easy to create a reoccurring meeting. Just schedule your meeting as usual, but select “Reoccurring meeting” in the “When” section of the meeting scheduler.

Get Zooming!

You should now be all ready to host meetings in your cloud meeting room. If you haven’t tried Zoom yet and like what you hear, you can sign up for a free account. You can also find all of our feature spotlight posts here.