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New Case: Columbia Business School Zooms
July 15, 2014 by Zoom
howard miller

Howard Miller, Deputy CIO, Columbia Business School

Check out our newest case study: Columbia Business School Brings Zoom to the Ivy League! This cases focuses on how Columbia Business School uses Zoom in it’s quest to create leaders of businesses, non-profits, and governments around the world.

We wanted to learn how Columbia’s faculty and administration create a world-class institution that lives up to it’s name. To do this, we spoke with Howard Miller, Deputy CIO at Columbia Business School, who explains, “Columbia is constantly looking to explore and incorporate the latest technology. A lot of our more recent bigger implementations have been cloud-based, such as Zoom.”

Zoom is spreading throughout Columbia Business School. The Dean’s office and the Marketing department make frequent use of Zoom, while other teams use it as needed. For example, Miller’s team now uses Zoom for all of their vendor calls.

higher education technologyAs for the Dean’s office, Zoom is mostly used for senior staff meetings. “Our senior team is constantly on the move meeting with alumni, prospective students, and others. This means that when these important senior staff meetings take place, the team is not always in the same physical space,” says Miller. To ensure these meetings can still take place and that all members feel engaged and have easy access to the meetings, they join by Zoom.

Miller explains why Columbia Business School went with Zoom:

  • Cost: “Every dollar counts. If we can do it cheaper, better, and faster, we’re going to. The fact that Zoom provides both video and audio makes it a compelling alternative” to audio-only and web meeting solutions.
  • Quality: “Everybody really liked the HD functionality; the connections have been crisp and clear.”
  • Mobile Functionality: “People like being able to dial in from their iPhones and iPads as opposed to just traditional desktops.”
  • Reliability: “Zoom has performed in a very stable fashion. We’re happy with what we’ve purchased, and the people that have been using it seem happy with it.”
  • Easy Adoption: “People pretty much get their invitation, set it up themselves, and they’re off and running.”

Given all these benefits, Zoom has clearly enhanced communications and teamwork at Columbia Business School. However, Miller knows that there is still a lot they can do with Zoom. “I think we’ve only started to scratch the surface with how we’re using it,” he says. Learn more about Columbia Business School and how they use Zoom by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!