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Consumer Video Services vs. Zoom’s Business-Grade Meetings
July 24, 2014 by Zoom

video conferencing fat catFor decades, communicating through video was something that only a fat cat with a top hat could possibly afford. Even then, the quality of the stream was dubious and you had to have some know-how to use the software. After the turn of the 21st century, there was a stream of innovation that took advantage of the Internet’s vast unused bandwidth and eventually lead to a revolution in video communication. It was at that time when consumers were able to see each other’s faces from very vast distances.

Today, many small businesses and individual professionals rely on these consumer-targeted solutions because they are compatible with simple hardware and widely popular. If you find yourself within that demographic, using your consumer-grade video conferencing solution, we’re here to tell you that you have absolutely no idea what you’re missing out on.

Perhaps you’ve tried professional video conferencing solutions before and figured that despite the added quality it brings, it’s just not worth the price you’re going to have to pay after the trial runs out. Or maybe you’ve never touched a professional solution, in which case there’s nothing to be ashamed of. But Zoom isn’t your run-of-the-mill professional video conferencing doohickey. What you’ll find when using our software puts whatever notion you had of “good software” to shame.

Here are a few reasons why Zoom’s Cloud Video Meetings is a better contender for your buck (or absence of a buck):

Keep Your Arm and Leg

So, what is the most advantageous part of using a consumer-targeted video meeting platform? Many small businesses and independent professionals choose consumer products because the overwhelming majority of them are free or cheap (at least for one-on-one conversations). But what if you had a professional alternative that you could use even when you don’t have two pennies to rub together?

Here’s where Zoom completely disrupts the consumer market. You can have 40-minute conversations with up to 25 people without paying a single dime. Want meetings longer than that? Then all you have to do is pay $9.99 a month. Admit it: you spend more than that on lattes or delivery pizzas a month. How do you think we became the fastest growing company in our industry? Certainly not by providing what everyone else does, at the same ridiculous price that everyone else pays.

It’s Reliable (Like, For Real)

reliabilityZoom’s reliability can easily be described in two sentences imitating how you would hear them read aloud on two different video communications platforms:

The Consumer Product: Zoom… nprecedented… bility to produ… a distinct… ly crisp image a… a very clear aud… transmis… on throughou… t your conver… (5 seconds pass) bandwidth situat… (cue inconvenient sudden disconnection).

Zoom: Zoom’s HD video and screen sharing platform has an unprecedented ability to produce and stream a distinctively crisp image and a very clear audio transmission throughout your conversation regardless of your bandwidth situation.

Throughout our case studies, we have discovered that audio and video clarity rank among the top complaints of our customers’ experiences with the software they previously used. Their reasons for switching to Zoom? Its audio and video quality, and the reliability rank somewhere on top. Consumer technology isn’t created to be absolutely reliable at all times. It’s not part of their formula. Instead, they focus more on features that make it easier to host a casual “hangout session.” There’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s not an environment for people who need to clearly see everything they are presented with, whether the subject is a person or a screen, and have a seamless, reliable experience.

Besides, Zoom makes a great environment for water cooler chats. We understand that not every meeting has to be a suit-and-tie affair. So, our software allows you to see each participant, and all of the participants to see you. They’re not just attendees listening to the host. They’re actively part of the entire dialogue.

It Matches Consumer Products’ Ease of Use

Aside from the attractive pricing, businesses may also choose consumer products because they’re easy to set up. There’s nothing better than having something that works the first time you try it. It’s what led to the success of some of the biggest names in consumer video conferencing.

But what if we told you that Zoom can offer you an even simpler experience? With our software, your attendees just have to click on a link in the invitation sent to you by the host and you’re in the conversation. They don’t have to meddle with accounts, settings, or anything else you encounter when using any other platform.

The software installs itself automatically (and very quickly), requiring no extra setup or frustrating dependency installations. There really is nothing easier to use than our software.

Mobile meetingsWe Recognize The Existence of Smartphones And Tablets

When most people think of meeting via video, they think of taking out the old ‘puter and punching in zeros and ones, filling it up with motor oil, and then pulling the “video” lever. That’s because most video conferencing platforms weren’t built for smartphones and tablets. Instead, they function primarily on desktop systems. When they do have a mobile app, it’s clearly just an attempt to inelegantly squeeze their existing product into an app, resulting in a featureless, buggy experience.

Zoom hasn’t ignored the mobile revolution. We’re counting on mobile devices becoming an ever-growing part of everyone’s life. Mobility is key to higher productivity and greater ROI for many businesses all over the world. From our inception, we have focused on developing our client applications for iOS and Android, both of which can be used in the free and paid editions of Zoom.

We offer you an experience where you can have a conversation with a colleague literally anywhere and at any time, with any bandwidth availability.

And We’re Just Getting Started

We literally have made so many advancements to our software that we can’t really catalog every single one in here. From dual-monitor support to screen sharing annotations, we’ve gone a long way. Zoom will continue to develop and improve, adding new features (especially the ones that you ask for) and developing a platform that no one can contend with.

If this looks like your kind of deal, sign up for Zoom right now – it’s free!