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New Case Study: Twoodo Spreads Workplace Harmony With Zoom
August 26, 2014 by Zoom

Twoodo_logo_SN-15Check out our newest case study: Productivity Booster Twoodo Spreads Harmony with Zoom! This case focuses on Twoodo, a fast-paced team collaboration tool for the hashtag generation.

“Twoodo is a fast and simple way to get your team organized using simple hashtags,” said David Arnoux, co-founder and head of growth at Twoodo. “The hashtags used in the team collaboration tool are the organizing principle, and the Twitter-like language allows teams to better organize their tasks, documents, and meetings as naturally as one would in a conversation.”

Denis Duvauchelle, CEO of Twoodo

Denis Duvauchelle, CEO of Twoodo

“In addition to boosting productivity, Twoodo makes companies more transparent. Everyone can see tasks and documents without missing out on anything,” added Denis Duvauchelle, Twoodo’s CEO.

Duvauchelle and Arnoux wanted to know how their early customers were enjoying and using their platform. This involved interviewing customers from their respective locations. This “customer discovery” phase took place in person at first, but the travel required was too time consuming. Twoodo’s founders quickly realized that video was a better solution.

The team experienced several mishaps with other software solutions before landing on Zoom. Twoodo and Zoom were a perfect fit!

David Arnoux, Co-Founder and Head of Growth for Twoodo

David Arnoux, Co-Founder and Head of Growth for Twoodo

As soon as Twoodo started noting its success with Zoom customer meetings, it also began using Zoom internally for weekly tech scrums and team meetings. Zoom has been the perfect tool to meet the needs of their international team. “We’re very spread out and we don’t all have the same quality of bandwidth, said Arnoux. “To put things into perspective, we have team members in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Paris, San Francisco, and Leiden. Some of their connections are not always the most reliable, but Zoom has proven to be reliable even in low-bandwidth situations.”

iphone-twoodo-2Twoodo has also made great use of Zoom’s screen sharing feature: “Screen sharing plays many roles in our operations. We use it to assist in the debugging process, get user interface designs across, and demonstrate our product to new prospects…We are also using screen sharing for training purposes,” explained Arnoux.

The pair didn’t stop there. Zoom’s screen sharing feature also allows participants to remotely control each other’s systems, which has become an important part in the development and brainstorming parts of Twoodo’s meetings.

Beyond hashtags, Twoodo has some tentative plans that may include Zoom in the future. For example, Twoodo may add Zoom video conferencing functionality to their hashtag concept.

Twoodo’s use of Zoom has created an environment that enables collaboration on multiple dimensions regardless of geographical boundaries. Zoom has quickly become their go-to solution that creates productivity instead of hindering it. Since Zoom is easy to use and moves out of the way, Twoodo can focus on developing awe-inspiring software. Learn more about Twoodo and how they use Zoom by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!