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Feature Spotlight: Zoom Group Messaging
August 29, 2014 by Zoom

Zoom is a powerful unified video conferencing, online meeting, and group collaboration platform. With the launch of Zoom Version 3.0, we have so many new awesome features, that we want to spotlight some of them for you one-by-one so you can learn to make the most of your Zoom experience.

Group Messaging Contacts

Group Messaging Contacts

This week: Group Messaging.

Zoom Group Messaging allows you to send text, links, images, and push-to-talk audio messages to anyone on any device. It’s a like a private meeting room for your group. You can easily form a small group for your team or a large group for a new company-wide project. You can keep in touch with colleagues abroad while Sales and Support teams can use it for real-time customer communications. The possibilities are endless!


Once you launch Zoom, you will see that the contacts are automatically populated from your account, domain, and phone address book. You can also add external contacts via a simple email invitation using the plus sign (+) on the Contacts tab.

You can send messages to any contacts on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. In fact, you can start a discussion on a desktop, continue it on an iPad while in a conference room, and wrap it up on your iPhone or Android phone at home.

Zoom provides presence status, so you can see if your contact is available or busy and if they’re on their desktop or mobile device. Simply scroll to a contact to start an instant text chat or even a video meeting with a single click.

Creating a Group

Creating a Group

Create Groups

This really couldn’t be easier. Simply click + New Group on the Chats tab of your interface, name the group, and then select the contacts you want in that group from the list provided.

You can create different groups for different situations. For example, if you’re a sales executive at a technology company, you could have a group that includes the whole sales team for team messages and a group that includes your engineers so you can easily message them product questions.

Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging

Send Message, Links and Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. But takes an awfully long time to type a thousand words, so we also gave you the ability to send images over Zoom messaging. Just click More in your chat window and select Send Image. You can easily send a screen shot by selecting Capture Screen on this same menu.

We know it can be a pain to type on those tiny keyboards, so Zoom messaging also includes push-to-talk on smartphones; just tap the microphone button next to the text space in your chat and then hold down the yellow button and start talking. The audio message can be heard on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Instant Meetings

We know better than anyone that no text, picture, or audio file can replace face-to-face communications – that’s our bread and butter! So we made it easy to turn your text chat into a video meeting. Just click Start a Meeting on the top of your open chat window and select the type of meeting you want to start: with or without video. In these instant meetings you can do everything you can normally do in a Zoom meeting, including auto call-out to group members, screen share from desktop or mobile, record, and co-annotate.

So to wrap it all up, we’ve created a fast and easy messaging platform that will allow you to instantly connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Try Zoom’s messaging service as part of your free Zoom subscription by signing up today.