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Case Study: Technically Simple Keeps It Simple With Zoom
September 16, 2014 by Zoom

Technically Simple LogoOur newest case study is now out: Technically Simple Lives Up to its Name with Zoom.  This case explores Technically Simple, a provider of solutions and and courses that help professionals and organizations understand how they can use technologies to better their lives and reduce day-to-day stress.

We spoke with Technically Simple’s founder Tim Stringer. “The intention of Technically Simple is to help people leverage technology to make their lives easier rather than more complicated. My approach is multi-faceted. It’s not just about helping them choose which technology to use; it’s also about developing habits that are essential to living in a technologically-saturated world,” said Stringer.

Within Technically Simple, Stringer offers a course called Holistic Productivity. This course, which spans four months, includes a 90-day process to help participants integrate what they’ve learned. The course is taught in six group sessions with a maximum of 10 participants, called “Productivity Pods.” Aside from the Productivity Pod courses, Stringer also conducts one-on-one sessions with his clients.

Holistic Productivity Course“There may be people who are participating in the Holistic Productivity courses that desire for various reasons to spend time in a one-on-one session,” he said. “There are people who feel a bit overwhelmed by certain aspects in their lives and would like to have some assistance.”

To host his online courses, Stringer relies on video conferencing. Because Technically Simple’s business model has a strong focus on technology, it was imperative that Stringer choose a service that ideal for teaching and coaching a group of people.

Stringer tried some unsatisfactory solutions that required frequent troubleshooting. While looking for an alternative, he stumbled on Zoom. Zoom has fit Technically Simple in several important ways:

  • Zoom is able to support a large number of participants, who can all see eachother at once.
  • The majority of Stringer’s clients figured out how to use the software before he even had the chance to offer instructions.
  • Zoom is reliable even for his international clients.
  • Pristine quality in both audio and video transmission.

Stringer is now using Zoom for his courses, his one-on-one sessions, and even his first contact with clients. It has become his go-to solution for his entire operation. “Zoom has made video conferencing genuinely useful,” explains Stringer.

In the end, Stringer needed technology that works according to his own philosophy. It needs to be high-tech, yet very simple to use. For him, Zoom was the ticket.

Learn more about Technically Simple and how they use Zoom by reading the complete case. And sign up for Zoom yourself today – it’s free!