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Zoom Feature Spotlight: ZoomPresence
October 7, 2014 by Zoom

ZoomPresence RoomZoom is your powerful unified video conferencing, online meeting, and group chat tool. With the launch of Zoom Version 3.0 in August, we have so many awesome new features, that we wanted to spotlight some of them for you one-by-one so you can make the most of your Zoom experience. Last time, we showed you Group Messaging. This week: ZoomPresence.

Here are the basics of ZoomPresence:

ZoomPresence is the first conference room system created for Mac OS and iOS. It is Zoom software that runs on your Mac and iPad to control meetings in your conference room. Think of it as the Zoom app you know and love, but overhauled and optimized for your conference room.

ZoomPresence is $99 a year for 25-person capacity meetings or $499 a year for 100-person capacity meetings. You purchase your own hardware (HDTV, HD cameras, audio, etc) from your own providers. With our hardware suggestions, you can outfit your conference room system starting at $999.  Thus, Zoom is a more flexible solution that doesn’t require you to spend $10,000 to $250,000 as you would for a traditional conference room system.

Instant Meeting Screen on ZoomPresence

Instant Meeting Screen on ZoomPresence

So what’s this great ZoomPresence experience we’re talking about?

Easy set up and quick-start meetings.

  • Download ZoomPresence on your Mac and iPad. Then sync the two devices, and connect your Mac to your camera, monitor(s), and speakerphone.  That’s it – you’re ready to start your meeting!
  • See your schedule of upcoming meetings on your iPad and start your next meeting with a single touch.

Powerful flexibility.

  • Up to 100 interactive video participants and 1,000 Zoom Video Webinar viewers can join your meetings.
  • Participants can join from any device: smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, H.323/SIP room systems, and other ZoomPresence systems.
  • ZoomPresence fits any conference room – small with one screen, medium with two screens, or large with three screens.

Why ZoomPresence?

There are so many alternative room systems out there, why is ZoomPresence the best? We can look across a variety of factors:

  • Ease of use: Once you download the ZoomPresence app onto your iPad, you’ll see that we’ve provided the simplest interface with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Other room systems require you to learn their remote controls or touch consoles.
  • Video support: ZoomPresence supports up to 3 HD screens and up to 100 video streams. The alternative supports 1-2 screens and only up to 15 video streams.
  • Screen sharing: ZoomPresence provides the added flexibility of supporting both Direct HDMI and WiFi screen sharing; whereas other room systems only provide one or the other.
  • Integration: ZoomPresence has integrated with Google, Outlook, and SSO to provide log-in and calendar integration not offered by any other room system.
  • Native features: ZoomPresence natively supports H.323/SIP endpoints, global phone dial-in, toll-free, and call-me. Competing systems rely on third party integrators for these features.
  • Pricing: As we said, there is nothing on the market that comes close to ZoomPresence without costing many times ZoomPresence’s annual subscription fee.

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