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be.boosted Inspires Young Minds on Zoom
October 28, 2014 by Zoom

Logo_whiteCheck out our newest case study: be.boosted Inspires Young Minds in Germany Through Zoom’s Simplicity!

This case focuses on be.boosted, a German initiative that picks the top students in a wide number of fields and trains them to become global leaders. We had the chance to speak to Tobias Henz, one of the founders and project directors of be.boosted, about this initiative and how it uses Zoom to reach its goals.

“At be.boosted, we offer students the possibility of a supplementary education on skills that they’ll need in order to fulfill roles as leaders across various industries,” he said. “We equip them with abilities such as public speaking, networking, and negotiating. In the end, our goal is to have our learners take part in the Harvard World Model United Nations conference and gain first-hand experience on this competitive international platform.”

be.boosted recruits students from all around Germany. For these students to meet, they have two choices: either they travel to one location and meet there, or they meet through some sort of online platform.

be.boosted students work together on leadership challenges.

be.boosted students work together on leadership challenges.

Henz and his colleagues chose to recruit and meet with students through a video meeting solution and began vetting platforms.

“Out of the contenders in our list, Zoom was the only one that felt like it was feature-rich and easy to use,” he said. “It was also the most cost-effective solution that presented the stability and features that we were looking for. We needed something that was easy to use, didn’t present any barriers, and required very little explanation in the use of its features. This is exactly what we found when we started using the product.”

What be.boosted really needed wasn’t a solution that touted all of its gadgets and put them in the way of the user; it needed something that was able to inspire and maintain collaboration in an environment that was non-invasive and stable. The fact that it could work on any device proved to be a boon for both be.boosted and the learners in the program.

“To us, Zoom is about simplicity and getting things done without having to worry about the technology,” said Henz.

Learn more about be.boosted and Zoom by reading the complete case study and sign up for you free Zoom account today!