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New Year, New You – Zoom Webinar Recap & Recording
January 15, 2015 by Zoom

Yesterday we had an awesome Zoom Video Webinar on health and fitness featuring experts from around the country:

Here is a recording of the webinar:

And here is the presentation deck.

We started the webinar by discussing the top New Year’s resolutions for 2014. Among them were lose weight (the #1 resolution!), enjoy life to the fullest, stay health and fit, and quit smoking. Unfortunately, only 8% of people keep their resolutions. So we gathered this team of experts to help our customers be among the few who successfully keep their health-related resolutions.

If you’re a bit pressed for time to watch the whole webinar, here are some of the biggest take-aways from yesterday:

1. Jay Jacobs shared some of his weight loss and management tips. He started by discussing how weight loss has to be about creating a new life for yourself. Loosing weight in and of itself is not a sustainable goal. You need a new mindset of consciousness, choice, conditioning, and especially, community. Jay also talked about planning, preparing, and setting yourself up for success ahead of time. He even shared some of his favorite healthy foods with us: water, berries, small amounts of nuts, vegetables, yogurt, granola, and pre-packaged healthy food like LARABAR (because it’s unrealistic to think you can cook fresh food all day, every day).

You can learn more from Jay by reading his ebook, smartphoneFIT, and visiting his website

Dr. Steve demoing the Nudge app via Zoom mobile screen sharing.

Dr. Steve demoing the Nudge app via Zoom mobile screen sharing.

2. Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk focused on health technology. He talked about how gathering data and finding the right technology can be crucial to your health and the importance of measuring activity, sleep, food, and water. He went through the wearable technology devices on the market and gave us his top 3 wearables: Up by Jawbone, Garmen VivoFit and VivoSmart, and various FitBit models, but stressed that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the model you choose.

Dr. Steve then demonstrated via Zoom mobile screen sharing Nudge app – which brings all your health variables like sleep and water into a single score – and the health coaching platform Nudge Coach, where health coaches can track and connect with their clients.

3. Dr. Mark Nelson started by discussing how people are eating calorie-rich, nutrient-sparce foods, which keeps us hungry and overeating and puts our glucose-insulin levels all over the map. Through frequent, small, healthy, low-glycemic meals, we can fix this problem. Dr. Mark echoed Jay in saying that changing your mindset and learning to make healthy daily choices is the only way to stay healthy in the long run. It’s not about loosing weight; it’s about creating health. He also discussed the 5 elements of a healthy self: weight, eating, motion, sleep, and stress reduction.

For more information, you can read the books Dr. Mark recommended, such as Dr. A’s Habits of Health, and check out the Take Shape for Life Habits of Health dashboard he demonstrated.

Sheena demonstrating an exercise.

Sheena demonstrating an exercise.

4. Sheena Nadeau specializes in prevention and pain-free exercise. She focused on the most common problems she sees: weak gluteus and upper back muscles. She encouraged increasing movement (such as taking the stairs), using websites for at-home exercise, and regular walking breaks. She then demonstrated various exercises that you can do from anywhere, even from your desk at work.

Learn more by visiting Sheena’s website: Live Liberated.

We hope you enjoyed and learned from this Zoom Video Webinar. If you’re impressed with the quality and experience, you can sign up for your own free Zoom account today!