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Investment Banker Reaches More Clients Through Zoom
January 22, 2015 by Zoom

FocusLogo_4C_REV copyCheck out our newest case study: Investment Banker Reaches More Clients Outside His Reach Through Zoom. This case looks at John Slater, a partner and capital financing team leader at Focus Investment Banking, and publisher of the Capital Matters blog. Slater uses Zoom to facilitate his meetings with clients and prospects, and conduct industry interviews for his blog.

Slater has forgone traditional methods of arranging meetings, marketing to prospects, and coordinating representatives from several dispersed locations via phone calls and traveling in favor of using Zoom. We discussed with him how Zoom benefits his team and how it compares to his experiences leading up to this solution.

John Slater, partner & capital financing team leader at Focus Investment Banking & Publisher of Capital Matters blog

John Slater, partner and capital financing team leader at Focus Investment Banking

“Focus Banking is a connected company, so we tend to use video very often to communicate with one another. Since we’re only paying a couple of tens of dollars every month [for Zoom], this is perhaps the best bargain we’ve been offered. Zoom is a very strong tool for internal communications and internal meetings, and also helps us reach clients that would be inaccessible because of the scheduling delays, time, and expense of personal travel,” explained Slater.

After an exhaustive search for the video product that meets their needs effectively while delivering the best quality-per-dollar, Slater decided that Zoom fits the bill better than any other solution he found. “Many of the other solutions I’ve tried prior to Zoom were overwhelmingly ‘clunky’ and complicated,” he said. “There was one other solution that caught our attention which came close to the level of quality and efficiency we were hoping for. Zoom not only surpassed it, but it did so at a lower cost. I can say with certainty that I’ve tried a large number of video conferencing solutions available on the market and can confidently conclude that Zoom is the best option I have seen. Now, we do interviews via Zoom, we publish them on our blog, and we send it to 75,000 people via our mailing list. This helps us and our brand get plenty of exposure.”

To John Slater, the single most important thing that Zoom offers better than other solutions is ease of use. “It’s an intuitive interface and it’s very easy to set up meetings,” he said. “Since we’ve first started using the solution, it’s only gotten better. In particular, we like the fact that Zoom integrates with Outlook, letting us schedule meetings quickly.”

Not only has Zoom allowed Slater to be more interactive with his clients, it saves Focus Bankers thousands of dollars in the process. Slater estimates that he saves at least $25,000 a year in air travel by using Zoom, while developing trusted relationships with prospective clients and business advisors though Capital Matters.

As a person with a passion for business-friendly video communications, Slater understood the impact of injecting video into his team’s daily operations. “When conversations with buyers and investors get to the point in which they want to speak directly to our client’s management, Zoom is a very effective way to communicate and understand each other,” he explained.

To learn more about how Focus Bankers uses Zoom to communicate, read the complete case study. Or just get a free Zoom account to see for yourself!