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Five Crucial Snowmageddon Apps
January 27, 2015 by Zoom
Baby, it’s cold outside! More than that, it’s snowing and windy up and down the Eastern seaboard, making for some dangerous traveling weather. Even your daily commute could become a nightmare in weather like this. It’s best to stay home, turn up the heat, pull our your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and get to work.
To help out our snow-stranded customers, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite winter weather apps to get you through the storm.

index1. Twitter

Twitter is the best place to get new information in real time. From meteorologists to the average Joe, everyone is posting the latest news on Twitter. Even better, Twitter has updated their platform to allow for group messages and mobile video messages – two new ways to stay in touch.

2. Weather Apps

Sometimes it pays to go straight to the source, so we recommend having one or more weather apps on your smartphone or tablet. The WeatherBug is a good place to start and the NOAA Weather Alerts app is the best way to stay on top of changing conditions.

zoom - iphone3. Zoom, Of Course

When there’s a travel ban in place, companies can sacrifice thousands or millions of dollars in lost productivity. Don’t let that happen to you! Stay home, but stay connected and working by using Zoom’s video collaboration app. With Zoom, you can meet, screen share (even your iOS apps), annotate, and record with up to 200 participants, all from the comfort of your living room.

4. PBS Parenting App

If you’re home, guess what? That means your kids are home too! So are you going to let them mindlessly vegetate in front of the TV for a few hours? How about taking a break to entertain and teach them at the same time by using the PBS Parents Play and Learn app, which includes 13 games with math and literacy skills.

twoodo_iphone5. Twoodo

You may remember awhile back we wrote a case study on how Twoodo is using Zoom to connect their remote teams. But, you might be saying to yourself, what exactly is Twoodo, again? Twoodo is a fast and simple way to get your team organized, even remotely. Twoodo grabs hashtagged items and puts them into neat categories. For example, writing a message with the hashtag #todo will automatically add it to a shared task list. Adding hashtags such as #marketing and #Q4events will further group it based on topic, product, or client, so that relevant personnel will see it.

So, now that you have your technology, stop loafing around on blogs and get working! And don’t forget to download your free Zoom app today!