There, now you’re ready to call out. Here we go!…

1) Start a Zoom meeting as a Pro user.

2) Select the Invite button on the Zoom meeting toolbar.

3) Navigate to the Invite a Room System tab.

4) Select the Call Out tab.

5) Select a device from the H.323/SIP Rooms Directory. (Or enter the IP address or SIP URL of the device you’re contacting if you haven’t set up your directory yet.)

6) Select the type of call you would wish to make – H.323 or SIP.

7) Press Call.

Room-to-Room Calls With ZoomPresence

Now, that was easy enough, but if you have ZoomPresence, calling is about to get a whole lot better. Again we start with the pre-requisites: you need to have ZoomPresence configured in your conference room(s) and the user(s) you want to call must be added on your user management page or be in your same email domain.

And now on to your calls…

ZoomPresence automatically shows all rooms and contacts under the same account listed in User Management and contacts with the same email domain. You can make a one-click room-to-room(s) or room-to-contact(s) calls.

How do you call?

  • Click on Meet Now from your ZoomPresence menu bar on your iPad Controller.
  • Select the room(s) or contact(s) you would like to call.
  • Then click Invite.

How to receive a call?

  • You will receive a notification that a ZoomPresence room is calling you.
  • Press Accept to accept, or Decline to decline the call.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start your own Zoom meeting, bringing in collaborators in conference rooms near and far. But first you need your Zoom account – sign up for free today! You can also learn more about Zoom Cloud Room Connector and ZoomPresence.