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Attorney Builds Winning International Cases On Zoom
March 11, 2015 by Zoom

Logo-Master-PCheck out our newest case study: Attorney Paul Kiesel Builds Winning International Cases On Zoom. This case focuses on Paul R. Kiesel, Partner at Kiesel Law LLP and President Elect of the Los Angeles Bar Association.

Kiesel is a plaintiff attorney, serving clients in class-action and injury lawsuits across the nation and conducting discovery around the world with the help of his law firm and the technologies he employs to raise his level of productivity. Among those technologies is Zoom. We took the time to sit down and talk to Mr. Kiesel about the pivotal role our product plays in improving his “carrying capacity” and reachability.

“Travel is a big part of my practice. It involves getting together, having meetings, and interacting face-to-face with people,” said Kiesel. Now Kiesel has replaced much of this travel with Zoom.

Paul Kiesel, Partner at Kiesel Law LLP

Paul Kiesel, Partner at Kiesel Law LLP

As part of his routine, Kiesel meets regularly with other attorneys around the country through Zoom. “On a regular basis, I use Zoom to meet with my co-counsel,” he said. “Because of the nature of my practice, I have firms that I work with throughout the country. On just one case I have firms in Georgia, Chicago, Houston, and Las Vegas. Every week at 8 AM, I have a morning Zoom conference with about a dozen people. During these meetings, we discuss our cases and share the relevant documents on our screens.”

Paul also discussed the most useful Zoom features: “In Zoom, I particularly like the gallery view, which shows me every participant on one screen,” he said. “Screen sharing is also useful, and I enjoy having personalized room IDs that make the process of joining a meeting easier for others. Once someone joins, I get an email telling me that someone is in the room, giving me a cue to check in. It’s akin to ringing a doorbell. The fact that Zoom is encrypted adds to its appeal for meetings in which attorney-client confidentiality is essential.

Zoom also has a strong impact from an operating expenditures standpoint. He no longer has to take the time to fly over to his international clients, nor must he bear the expenses that go along with making the trip and arranging his stay.

160555679Using Zoom has easily saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses for my practice,” he said. “As just one of many examples, I prepared a witness in London who is an executive in a major international corporation. Typically, I would have to fly to London, take my documents, sit down with the witness, and prepare him for testimony. Instead, the witness was able to meet with me from a tablet through the Zoom app. He was in his office in London, I was in my office in Los Angeles, and I was able to help him review the documents. The entire process took roughly three hours. It would have otherwise taken three days to do a long trans-Atlantic trip, costing about $50,000.

Zoom has provided a solution that maximizes productivity and instantly eases the process of interacting with others across vast distances. To learn more about KBLA and Zoom, read the complete case study. Or try Zoom for yourself by signing up for your free account today!