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Why Using Zoom In The Same Building Isn’t a Bad Idea
March 13, 2015 by Zoom

Despite the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, and the Internet, in-person interactions are very much alive in office settings. One could say that the act of walking up to a co-worker and speaking to them still has a monopoly over most other forms of communication. Interpersonal communication has remained largely…in-person.

There is nothing wrong with turning around to a co-worker to say something or holding an office meeting with everyone present, of course. But perhaps it’s time to supplement this kind of interaction with something that presents a great deal more flexibility. This “supplement” can come in the form of Zoom. Yes, the first thing that comes to mind is perhaps, “But why should I use Zoom when everyone is at most just a hundred feet away from me?” However, even if you don’t plan to replace short walk-and-meets with video meetings entirely, there are many reasons why Zoom should be a tool in your shed.


Remote IT support.

It makes the IT staff’s job much easier.

In the typical IT staff scenario, the support engineer has to be dispatched to a location where there’s trouble and fix whatever the problem is only to find out that it was a minor error that could have been resolved remotely. It’s inefficient and makes everyone’s job much harder. Instead of turning every single IT call into a dreadful wait, there are ways to fix things much faster. Unless there’s a hardware or network issue, most everything else can be resolved rather quickly by a simple remote screen share.

You can achieve this easily by using our screen sharing feature, which even allows participants in a meeting to hand off control of their device to staff members, who can go in there and repair everything in a matter of minutes.

Businesses that specialize in consumer or commercial IT support can definitely see a significant increase in ROI as external support tickets can be addressed remotely in many cases as opposed to showing up on-site.


Catching up with your boss.

“Meet me in my office” can take on a whole new meaning.

When the time comes that you have to tell someone to meet you in your office, the world now knows that this person is meeting with you. Such a thing has no way of being discreet. Depending on the situation, a walk to your office can also provoke anxiety. All of this can become a thing of the past when you’re using video conferencing inside of your office setting. Just reach into your contact list in Zoom and call up the person you plan to meet with. You can literally start a meeting in seconds and both of you will speak from the comfort of your own desks!

Keeping records is that much easier.

In any given day, you may end up in a situation where it would be good to have a record of what’s going on in order to recapitulate on the specific details of a meeting. If you’re meeting through Zoom, you can easily record those moments and save them locally as an MP4 or M4A (audio) file. Business and Education account holders can also use our new Cloud Recording feature, which automatically uploads your recording into a cloud, where you can view, share, or download it.

Keeping a record of meetings helps people better comprehend the tasks at hand. The record button is right there. Push it. We dare you!

No, really… Just push it.

Joining a meeting from home.

Joining a meeting from home.

You can include people who “aren’t there.”

The most obvious problem with in-person meetings is that you probably will encounter one in which at least one person is absent. If the meeting is larger, the probability of an absent participant rises. However, if you have some way to get the missing people into the meeting remotely, you can let them participate.

The benefit with Zoom is two-fold. On one hand, if a person can’t make it to the office but has a mobile device, you can call up the individual to be included in the meeting through video. On the other hand, if the person cannot make the meeting at all, you can record it so that it can be viewed later. It’s the perfect storm of productivity!

Using Zoom is easier than walking. No, really!

When’s the last time you clicked your mouse? Be honest. Unless you typed the URL to this page directly in your browser by memory, you clicked somewhere to get to it, right? That was easy. Now, if only you could meet people using that same mechanism…

Meeting through Zoom is arguably one of the easiest ways to communicate just short of shouting at the top of your lungs lazily from where you’re sitting (research suggests that this is disruptive to office environments). Zoom’s simplicity also means that it consumes less of your energy and time than using the other video meeting platforms available on the market. Besides, where else do you get to exercise your pointer finger?

If you want to maximize your organization’s productivity while producing results that matter, start looking into video. Sign up for a free Zoom account today.