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Webinar Recording and Recap: Go B.I.G. With Zoom
August 11, 2015 by Zoom

Last week, our intrepid marketing and sales teams held our latest webinar, Go B.I.G. With Zoom, to show you all the ways Zoom is slicker than your average video conferencing solution. We all know Zoom thrives on your small screen, and even your really small mobile screen, but this webinar covered how you can go big with Zoom webinars, large meetings, and conference rooms.

You can check out the recording on YouTube:

Short on time? Here’s the gist:

1. Go B.I.G. in Your Conference Room

Zoom integrates with your existing H.323 and SIP room systems. But if those systems are reaching end-of-life (as hardware always will) or if you’re setting up a new conference room, then we’ve got you covered with Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms is the world’s first software-based conference room system that runs on Mac OS and iOS, and boasts awesome features:

  • HD video, integrated audio, and wireless screen sharing
  • Calendar integration
  • iPad touch controls – one touch to start a meeting (no more complicated dial ins!)
  • Invite anyone in your organization to join the meeting from their desktop, mobile, H.323/SIP system, or other Zoom Room
  • Make telephone calls (if you’re on Zoom’s audio plan)

More on Zoom Rooms.

Big Meetings on Zoom

Big Meetings on Zoom

2. Host B.I.G. Meetings

B.I.G. meetings are literally big, huge meetings. If you sign up for one of our Large Meeting plans, you can meet with up to 100 or 200 interactive participants. All of your participants have video, audio, and screen sharing just like a regular Zoom meeting. In Gallery View, you can see 25 of their video feeds on the screen at a time. You can see all the feeds by clicking or swiping your screen. You can also use Active Speaker view or spotlight or pin the video to focus attention on one participant.

3. Host Really B.I.G. Webinars

200-person meetings? That’s child’s play next to our webinars! In Zoom Video Webinars, up to 25 video panelists can present and share their screens with up to 3,000 viewers (we also have Webinar plans for 100, 500 and 1,000 viewers). A viewers can see and hear, but can’t be seen, heard, or screen share unless the host upgrades him or her to a panelist – a handy interactive feature brought to you first by Zoom! Panelists and viewers can join from any Zoom-supported device and our webinar platform features Q&A, polling, registration, and reports. More on Webinars.

4. B.I.G. Time Collaboration: IM/Presence

Video collaboration is the best collaboration. There, we said it. But sometimes you don’t need a whole meeting to get the answer you need. What was the name of that restaurant again? Who needs to approve this purchase? Can you edit this paragraph for me? These are all questions that can be answered more easily over IM than by starting a meeting. So we integrated cross-platform IM and Presence right into our video conferencing client and app, with the ability to instantly start a meeting if the conversation gets more complex.

Zoom Live Dashboard

Zoom Live Dashboard

5. Get the B.I.G. Picture: Dashboard and Reporting

We just did a whole webinar on just dashboard and reports, so we won’t bore you with the details here. To summarize: Zoom provides big brother exportable usage and daily reports. We also provide a live detailed dashboard to all Business and Education admins. More on Dashboard and Reporting.

Want to go B.I.G. with Zoom? Set up a live demo with a Zoom product specialist to discuss you collaboration needs.