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Making the (Legal) Case for Zoom
August 18, 2015 by Zoom

Lawyers are used to making cases. They have teams of professionals helping them with research and preparation. But today we’re going to help make a different kind of case: the case for Zoom. Law firms far and wide, large and small, have adopted Zoom for their video meeting and collaboration needs. We’ve talked with them to draw out the top use cases and features for Zoom in a legal environment so you can make the case to your firm that Zoom is a worthwhile investment.

shutterstock_222579625Top Use Cases

  • Remote depositions
  • Meetings with clients, co-counsel, or opposing counsel
  • Remote testimonies
  • Virtual mediation
  • Administrative and internal meetings

You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this case study featuring Paul Kiesel, President of the LA Bar Association, who uses Zoom for remote depositions and to coordinate with co-counsel, or this case study on the use of Zoom for virtual mediation.

Top Features

  • shutterstock_278932757Conference Rooms: If there is one thing a lawyer knows, it’s the inside of a conference room. If you have a H.323 or SIP conference room system that you love, Zoom’s Room Connector can patch it in to the Zoom cloud so you can meet with up to 200 people in other conference rooms or on their mobile and desktop devices. If your system has reached end-of-life or you’re looking to create a whole conference new room, Zoom Rooms – Zoom’s software-based conference room system – has you covered with video, integrated audio, and wireless content sharing. More on Room Connector and Zoom Rooms.
  • Security: Zoom is as secure as it gets with secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, AES-128 end-to-end encryption, SAML 2.0 for single sign-on (SSO), password protection, and role-based access controls. More on security.
  • Content Sharing: Screen sharing with co-annotation means you can share and collaborate on legal documents remotely just as if you’re sitting at the same table. You can even take control of another participant’s screen with their permission.
  • Recording: Easily create MP4 and M4A recordings of depositions that you can store in the cloud or on your local device. More on recording.
  • Privacy: Attendee on hold (ideal for mediation), strict host controls, and the security measures described above such as password-protection mean your client’s identity and information is secure.
  • Pricing: No business solution is more affordable than Zoom. No hidden surcharges, just scalable host-based pricing. More on pricing.

Interested in getting Zoom into your law firm? Sign up for a live demo with a product specialist to get started.