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You’re Still Using What?! Graduate to a Business Solution
August 20, 2015 by Zoom

We get it. It came for free with your email or phone. You started using it with friends or maybe your long-distance significant other. You’re comfortable with it. Like an old, worn out shoe. But guess what? That shoe stinks! That’s right, we’re talking about the consumer video conferencing solution you’ve been using. It probably works ok (just ok) for a quick chat with a friend, but we’re here to explain why it’s not a great solution for your business collaboration needs, and why you need to come on over to Zoom.

Account Management

Are people in your company using a consumer video conferencing solution? How often? Who are they meeting with? What features and settings are they using? You have literally no idea, do you? Well, that’s not your fault. Consumer solutions don’t have reporting, dashboards, administration, or account management. With Zoom you get all of the above. As an administrator, you get a clear idea of how your users are Zooming and, for the most part, you can choose what Zoom products, features, and settings they can use.


Speaking of features, the video conferencing tool that comes standard with your phone or email definitely doesn’t have Zoom’s amazing collaboration feature set:

What’s more, many of these features are available on Zoom’s mobile app – not just our desktop client!


Many consumer solutions are for one-to-one meetings. Some allow a handful of people (generally 10 or less) on video. Zoom, on the other hand, lets up to 25 people join on video standard. We can even go up to 200 meeting participants or 3,000 webinar viewers without sacrificing quality.


And that brings us to video and audio quality. Oh, don’t even get us started here. If you’ve used a consumer solution, you have almost definitely experienced lagging, choppy, or freezing video or audio. And you’ve probably noticed that the more people you add to the meeting, the worse the quality. That’s because if anyone has lower bandwidth in the meeting, these solutions try to save bandwidth by reducing quality. Basically, your meeting is only as good as the participant with the worst bandwidth. Conversely, Zoom uses adaptive layering that adjusts in real time to each individual’s bandwidth, so just because one person has a bad connection, it doesn’t ruin your meeting.


You could be in for a nasty surprise with your consumer video solution, because odds are it doesn’t have the security features necessary to keep your data private. Even our standard Basic/Free and Pro solutions come with top-of-the-line security:

  • Secure socket layer (SSL) encryption
  • AES-128 end-to-end encryption
  • Password protection
  • Host controls

Here’s more info on Zoom’s security features.

You Get What You Pay For…Or More

With free consumer solutions, you get what you pay for. Meaning, you get a low-quality, low-feature, high-risk product. With Zoom, we’ve managed to give you all the quality, features, security, and scale, even with our free plan. Want to get more than what you pay for with Zoom? Start by signing up for a live demo with a Zoom product specialist today!