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Zoom Webinar Recording & Recap: All About On-Premise
August 27, 2015 by Zoom

Zoom is in the cloud. If there’s one thing we’ve drilled into your head it’s that Zoom is a beautiful piece of cloud SaaS. But what if, WHAT IF, you want an on-premise video conferencing solution? Great news! We’ve got you covered.

Yesterday, Zoom Sr. Technical Support Engineer Lukas Haselwood hosted a webinar on just such a topic. Here is the recording on YouTube:

And here are the cliff notes:

1. What is On-Premise Deployment?

On-premise deployment is a feature available to our Business and Education Plan customers. It means that all of your meeting data – the video, voice, and content sharing – live on your own servers, which can be protected with your own firewalls and other security measures. Zoom’s cloud is highly secure, but if only your own servers will do, that’s fine by us!

2. What are the Different Types of On-Premise Deployment?

There are several types of on-premise connectors to meet your various on-premise needs:

  • Meeting Connector: Provides on-premise Zoom meetings – video, audio, and content sharing 
  • Broadcasting Connector: Provides on-premise Zoom Video Webinar 
  • Recording Connector: Provides on-premise recording
  • Virtual Room Connector: Provides on-premise connectivity for H.323/SIP endpoints into a Zoom meeting

3. What Does On-Premise Deployment Look Like?

A typical deployment architecture looks like this. The meeting is activated on Zoom’s cloud, but the connectors keep all the data on your severs.

on-premise deployment

4. Can You Be More Specific?

Each connector has a different capacity, prerequisites, and requirements. For more information, take a look at the webinar slide deck. Slides 5-9 go in depth.

5. What’s Next?

Maybe you’re saying, “I’m sold! How do I get On-Prem?” Or, alternatively, “This is a lot of technical information and I’m slightly confused and need some help.” The solution to both is: Sign up for a live demo with a Zoom Product Specialist!